Air Conditioning Iz a Human Right

by Jeff Edwards and Scott Medlock Edwards and Medlock are trial lawyers with Edwards Law in Austin. Texas, like other states, does not air condition its prisons—and by doing so, it kills people Air conditioning system adventtr—Getty Images In 2011, the State of Texas convicted Larry McCollum of forgery, for passing a bad check. He […]

Black Livez Matter – Don’t believe the hype about the Dallaz shootingz

Èzili Dantò’s Note: Self defense is a human right. “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.”— Article 1, Universal Declaration of Human Rights “Don’t believe the hype. The whites have killed their […]

USA (united snakez of amerikkka) / People of Afrikan descent: UN expert group condemnz recent killingz

GENEVA (8 July 2016) – Human rights expert Ricardo A. Sunga III, who currently Chairs the United Nations Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent, issued the following statement after this week’s deaths of Philando Castile in Minnesota and Alton Sterling in Louisiana at the hands of the police, and Thursday’s killing of […]

Maroon Suez DOC and Winz! Settlement Reached

Pittsburgh PA —A settlement has been reached in the case of Shoatz v. Wetzel, which challenged the 22-year solitary confinement of Abolitionist Law Center client and political prisoner Russell Maroon Shoatz. This brings an end to litigation begun in 2013. In February 2014, following an international campaign on behalf of Shoatz, he was released from solitary confinement. […]

Virgin Islandz 3 Update: Seitu Petition for Habeaz Corpus on their Behalf

As a result of the Virgin Islands 3 (Malik, Abdul, and Haneef) filing for their right to immediate and unconditional release from illegal and political imprisonment this past December, they have been subjected to increased repression, first being rounded up and put in the hole, then being removed from the isles entirely and again placed […]

Black Power Iz Not The Same Az White Supremacy

By Sterling Wilmer, Above Photo: Maria Tahir | Staff Photographer Some may view the black-and-proud movement as supremacist, but historically the only racial empowerment camp with a history of demeaning the existence of others includes those who fly white-pride banners. To put the black power movement and associated organizations, like the Black Panther Party, on the […]

Australian Indigenouz Resistance Rooted In US Radicalism Of 60’z

By Jon Piccini, Above Photo: The Black Power salute given by Aboriginal activists Chicka Dixon, Paul Coe, and Bob McLeod in 1972. Source: Audio Visual Archive, Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, Canberra. Courtesy of the National Museum Australia website.   Warriors of tha Aboriginal Recently, an upturn in indigenous struggles in Australia […]

Revolutionary Daily Thought

” Look at yourselvez. Some of you teenagerz, studentz. How do you think I feel and I belong to a generation ahead of you – how do you think I feel to have to tell you, ‘We, my generation, sat around like a knot on a wall while the whole world was fighting for itz human […]

David Johnson of the San Quentin 6 on hiz komrade Hugo ‘Yogi’ Pinell

  by The People’s Minister of Information JR Valrey David General Johnson, a former political prisoner, played a major role in the California Prison Movement of the ‘60s and ‘70s. He is here to talk about the assassination of his comrade and co-defendant in the San Quentin 6 case, Hugo “Yogi” Pinell. M.O.I. JR: Can […]