Judge refusez to halt force feeding of inmate in solitary confinement protest

Inmate Cesar DeLeon’s request to stop nasal tube feeding on free-speech and religious grounds was rejected by a Wisconsin judge. by Dee J. Hall A Dodge County Circuit Court judge on Thursday, July 14, rejected a request by Waupun Correctional Institution inmate Cesar DeLeon to stop force feeding him after DeLeon testified that he would […]

Urgent: Call to support tortured hunger-striking prisonerz in Louisiana

by a prisoner at David Wade Correctional Center, Homer, Louisiana Written April 11, 2016, received April 15, 2016 – This is to notify you that several prisoners have begun a hunger strike openly while others are on a silent hunger strike, which may endanger their safety. The three active prisoners who began the hunger strike […]

The United Statez Of Amerika Iz A Corporation Owned By Foreign Interestz

Below are two articles covering the fact that, since the Act of 1871 which established the District of Columbia, we have been living under the UNITED STATES CORPORATION which is owned by certain international bankers and aristocracy of Europe and Britain. In 1871 the Congress changed the name of the original Constitution by changing ONE […]

Human Rightz Pen Palz Seekz 59 Community Pen Palz in Next 59 dayz (by Sept 5, 2015)

Celebrate The Courage of Hunger Strikers of July 8, 2013: Help Human Rights Pen Pals Connect with 59 Pen Pals in 59 Days Inspired by the call to action by Dolores Canales of California Families Against Solitary Confinement  For more information: humanrightspenpals@gmail.com The most recent hunger strike for the Five Demands lasted from July 8, […]

Nu-Afrikan Prisonerz Retaliated Against by Institutional Gang Investigatorz (IGI)

by a California prisoner Here at a torture unit known as the Corcoran Security Housing Unit (SHU), we New Afrikan freedom fighters and other entities are getting retaliated on by the fascist Institutional Gang Investigators (IGI). IGI and their cronies seem to think that attacking those who were hunger strikers and at the forefront of […]

Largest hunger strike in history: California prisonerz speak out on first anniversary

  One year ago, on July 8, 2013, 30,000 California prisoners initiated the largest hunger strike the world has ever seen. Sixty days later, 40 prisoners, who had eaten nothing in all that time, agreed to suspend the strike when state legislators promised to hold hearings on ending solitary confinement, the heart of their demands. […]

Menard hunger strikerz’ message of solidarity with conscious captivez nationwide

  by Muntu Sua Ra Okito (Percell Hansberry) The Menard High Security Unit hunger strikers send a message of solidarity to the brothers of the struggle at Pelican Bay SHU, Ohio Supermax, the Georgia SMU hunger strikers and all prisoners of consciousness who refuse to bow down to state torture and systemic degradation up in […]

Hunger Strikerz at Menard Correctional Facility Face Retaliation, Ask 4 Support

  Between April 2nd–16th every prisoner was stripped naked.  These men were subjected to sexual assault, beatings and stress-position.  Large numbers of men were handcuffed so thightly they lost circulation, and they were handcuffed to another prisoner with their hands touching each others’ buttocks.  Their legal papers were destroyed.  Pen and papers were taken. … […]

We are relying on the legislature to rein in CDCR’z gross abuse of power, thiz year

  by Todd Ashker As a principal representative of the PBSP SHU (Pelican Bay State Prison Security Housing Unit) Short Corridor Collective Human Rights Movement, I begin this personal perspective update with a shout out of solidarity and respect to all those inside and outside these prison walls who have put aside divisive race and […]

Hunger Strikerz Call for May 1st Rally at the Detention Center; Chicken Pox Outbreak Alarmz Those in Women’z Unit

For immediate release: April 23, 2014 Contact: Maru Mora Villalpando (206) 251-6658               Alex West (508) 246-8341 Hunger Strikers Call for May 1st Rally at the Detention Center; Chicken Pox Outbreak Alarms Those in Women’s Unit Tacoma, WA—Hunger strikers, continuing their strike now for more than forty days, have called for a rally outside the […]