The Mutating Immutable: Black, Mixed, Bi-Racial

Panama Jackson of   Very Smart Brothas joined us to discuss the shifting dynamics and politics around being “mixed” and “Black.”   source: The Mutating Immutable: Black, Mixed, Bi-Racial Advertisements

Internal Colonialism Theory: Its History and Current Value

Professor and sociologist Michael Calderon-Zaks joined us for a brief discussion of Internal Colonialism Theory, its history and current value. 1. “MCZ-ICT” 15:04   source: Internal Colonialism Theory: Its History and Current Value

The Speech That Opens All Eyez On Me: Behind The Scenes With Dhoruba Bin-Wahad

Dhoruba bin-Wahad was back with us this time to discuss the context and history of the speech he gave in 1990 on the occasion of Nelson Mandela‘s release and visit to New York City, an excerpt of which is now heard opening the film All Eyez On Me.   source: The Speech That Opens All Eyez On Me: Behind […]

The Puerto Rican Colony, Oscar Lopez Rivera and the Politics of Parades

Iris Morales, attorney, activist, educator, filmmaker and author recently of Through the Eyes of Rebel Women: The Young Lords 1969 – 1976 joined us once again to discuss Puerto Rican colonization, the freedom of Oscar Lopez Rivera and the politics of the Puerto Rican Day Parade. See our previous interview with Iris Morales here!

A Relentless Will to Win: George Jackson and Afrikan Resistance

In 1960, a skinny 18-year-old African-American named George Jackson walked into a Los Angeles courtroom and pleaded guilty to stealing $70 from a gas station. Though there existed exculpatory evidence, Jackson had already racked up two convictions for petty larceny, and his court-appointed attorney thought it best if he plead guilty in exchange for a […]

Imprisoned People and Ideaz with Dr. Joy James

  “Imprisoned People and Ideas with Dr. Joy James”IMIXWHATILIKE.ORG Audio Player 1. “Imprisoned People and Ideas with Dr. Joy James” — IMIXWHATILIKE.ORG 56:52 2. “BONUS HOUR: Community Comment Dr. Joy James” — IMIXWHATILIKE.ORG 56:29 Dr. Joy James joined us for this hour to discuss her work on “Imprisoned Intellectuals” and the particular placement of Black […]

THE HATE AWARDZ ARCHIVE 1. “The 1st Annual Hate Awards (Part ONE)” 1:00:00 2. “The 1st Annual Hate Awards (Part TWO)” 1:01:28 3. “3rd Annual Hate Awards (Part ONE)” 56:59 4. “3rd Annual Hate Awards (Part TWO)” 56:55 5. “FreeMix Radio Hate Harder Vol.1” 1:16:20 LINER NOTES: FIRST ANNUAL HATE AWARDS *These shows were recorded December 21 and […]


“Brian Kwoba Discusses Hubert Henry Harrison” 1. “Brian Kwoba Discusses Hubert Henry Harrison” 21:47 2. “Brian Kwoba on Hubert Henry Harrison (PART TWO)” 33:28 In this excerpt of IMWIL! Brian Kwoba, founder and organizer of the Oxford Pan-Afrikan Forum(OXPAF), scholar and activist joined us this week to discuss his work on the life and politics […]

The Black Panther Party and J Dilla v Copyright Law

1. “The Black Panther Party and J Dilla v Copyright Law” 57:38 We spoke with Stanley Nelson about his latest film on The Black Panther Party, discussed the oppressive nature of copyright law (v. J Dilla) and more. Source: The Black Panther Party and J Dilla v Copyright Law Related articles Former Black Panther Kathleen […]

George Jackson Mixtape & Deportationz in the Dominikan Republik

A new mixtape looks at the life and ideas of black revolutionary George Jackson. Who was George Jackson, what did he stand for, and what did the creators of the mixtape holt to achieve. Deportations are underway in the Dominican Republic asThe Global African host Bill Fletcher explores these stories with The Real News Network […]