Propter Nos

It offers a platform for Black and radical anti-racist theoretical and cultural work — such as poetry, short essays, experimental writing, artwork — and will also increasingly serve as a source of commentary and analysis from imprisoned activists and grassroots abolitionist organizations. For a print copy of PN, please send a request by snail-mail to: True Leap Press, […]

Millions for Prisoners: Human Rights March on Washington

 Everyone deserves Freedom!!! 

Revolutionary Daily Thought

“Under the rule of a repressive whole, liberty can be made into a powerful instrument of domination. The range of choice open to the individual is not the decisive factor in determining the degree of human freedom, but what can be chosen and what is chosen by the individual.” – Herbert Marcuse 

Revolutionary Daily Thought

“[The aim of public education iz not] to fill the young of the speciez with knowledge and awaken their intelligence. . . . Nothing could be further from the truth. The aim . . . iz simply to reduce as many individualz az possible to the same safe level, to breed and train a standardized […]

Revolutionary Daily Thought

  “Clearly the government killed more pantherz, than pantherz killed anyone else. . . I don’t think it’z fair to ask Black people to be non-violent towardz individualz that are violent with them,”  –  Waldo Martin  (Historian)

Hugo Pinell allowed a phone call for the first time in more than 40 yearz

Greetings All: We’re happy to report the good news re our Yogi Bear, Hugo Pinell. After well over 40 years, Yogi was given the opportunity to make a phone call to his family.  He tried calling his mom at first, but got the answering machine; so he called his sister, Agnes.  And they had a […]