Call Lethal Injection the Vile Torture It Is

by STEPHEN COOPER In a New Year’s Eve display of liberal newspaper death penalty abolition harmony – buoyed by the release of the Death Penalty Information Center’s (DPIC) annual report evidencing another year in the long-observable trend of capital punishment’s disuse and disfavor in America – both the Washington Post and New York Times’s editorial boards published opinion pieces […]

Michigan prisonerz speak out against ‘epic’ abuse and retaliation

by Harold Gonzales On Sept. 9, 2016, prisoners participated in the largest prisoner work stoppage in the history of the country. Prisoners in at least four facilities in Michigan joined in the work stoppage, including Kinross Correctional Facility near Kincheloe in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The next morning, after retaliatory actions from staff, Kinross prisoners held […]

Prisonerz United of Silicon Valley thank each other and supporterz for a largely successful hunger strike against solitary confinement

by Mary Ratcliff In late September, prisoners in the Santa Clara County jails who are part of what they then called the Prisoners’ Human Rights Movement sent a letter to Sheriff Laurie Smith with a list of demands and a notice that in October the inmates would initiate a hunger strike to continue their “peaceful […]

What It Meanz to Believe PrisonerzNoth

Ending the racist prison system begins with telling the truth about its injustices. by Matt Hartman   Jail cell by artist Tehching Hsieh at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Jason Kuffer / Flickr On January 19, Matthew McCain died in his cell at North Carolina’s Durham County Detention Facility. According to reports […]

General Population Inmatez Mistreated Az Well At Menard

  I am a General Population   inmate at Menard.  Out of fear for   of reprisal by Menard staff, I am not able to use my name.  I, like your friends and family   members from Tamms, am also caged in a cellhouse North 2 at Menard.  I am on ONE (1) Gallery-a gallery set   aside for […]

Hunger strikers denied right to read: Pelican Bay officials just don’t get it

by Mutope Duguma, Pelican Bay Human Rights Movement Mutope Duguma in a photo taken June 14, 2013. The right to a photo was one small victory won by the 2011 hunger strikes. Previously, many SHU prisoners had not had a photo to give to loved ones for a decade or more. Since this one was […]