The anatomy of abusive prison guards: Telford Unit’s overt assault and punishment program

by Jason Renard Walker Note: As of late October, Jason Walker has been moved to the Ellis Unit. Jason reported that he’s in a block of 300 prisoners who are being given cold showers, and when he complains about this (or about anything), they lock him up for several hours in a phone-booth-sized cubicle too […]

Prisons Use Solitary Confinement to Silence Strikers Nationwide—But Their Voices Have Been Heard

In commemoration of the Attica Uprising 47 years earlier, incarcerated organizers chose yesterday as the final day of the nearly three-week-long National Prison Strike that began on August 21. The … Source: Prisons Use Solitary Confinement to Silence Strikers Nationwide—But Their Voices Have Been Heard

Police Dogs and Anti-Black Violence

By Tyler Parry   Protest observer (Walter Gadsden, 17) in Birmingham, Alabama, USA, on 3 May 1963, being attacked by police dogs during a civil rights protest. (Bill Hudson/AP) On July 11, 2017, a video circulated throughout social media depicting the San Diego police deploying a canine against an unarmed suspect. Posted by a bystander named Angel Nunez, […]

From Ferguson to CIA Torture Cellz

from the Political Committee of Solidarity Two current high-profile stories–police killings of Black people and the secret torture prisons run by the U.S. military and CIA in the “war on terror”– might seem separate and distinct. In truth, the path between them is short. A system that tortures prisoners abroad will murder people at home, […]

Women Watched, Strip-Searched, Raped by Male Prison Guardz: How Can We Have Real Reform?

By Charlotte Silver Those imprisoned at Tutwiler live in fear of the men who guard them. Photo Credit: Poulson Photography <!– –> Prisons and jails house over 2 million people in America. However bleak and undesirable the conditions of prisons are likely to be, they are, in fact, home to the people who live […]

“They Are Starving for Change” – The Struggle for Justice at Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison (GDCP)

  “If you’re black, you were born in jail.” – Malcolm X The prisoners of Georgia state, California’s Pelican Bay, Virginia’s Red Onion State Prison, and the Lucasville prisoners at Ohio State Penitentiary have utilized the weapons of strikes and hunger strikes to decry the deplorable conditions prisoners face in the prison-industrial complex. There are […]