Here’z What $20 Worth of Marijuana Lookz Like—In Jamaica

Ganja goes for dirt cheap in the land of reggae and Rastas. By Phillip Smith / AlterNet Photo Credit: Jared Shomo /   Ah, Jamaica. Just a hop, skip, and jump from Miami, the Caribbean island nation is a prime tourist destination. It’s got gorgeous beaches, breathtaking mountains, throbbing reggae beats, its own delicious […]

Brushy One String tiny desk Artists shine given restrictions and limitations. Subtlety and nuance are more easily found in minimalism than excess. That’s the beauty of Brushy One String, whose sound is made by one big fat E-string and a voice so rich and full, all it wants is a bit of rhythmic and melodic underpinning. Brushy […]

Forty yearz ago, the CIA had itz eye on Jamaica—and Bob Marley got shot

by: Citispotter David Cupples Two nights before a much awaited national show, two carloads of armed men drove into Marley’s Hope Road yard and shot up the place. Whether the CIA was connected to the attack is unclear. But Marley was stirring up the populace with lyrics of resistance and revolution, inciting the people to […]

The Black Pantherz’ Lessonz for Jamaikanz on Police Violence

By: Ajamu Nangwaya The Black Panthers’ militant, assertive and courageous pushback against the police’s violent class and race containment practices should be replicated. Amnesty International’s recently released report “Waiting in Vain: Jamaica: Unlawful police killings and relatives’ long struggle for justice” documents the murderous and violent behavior of the police within the island’s African working-class communities. […]

Photoz from Inside Jamaica’z Most Violent Slumz

This article originally appeared on VICE France. Serbian photographer Boogie lives in the United States, but one of his favorite places in the world is Jamaica. The island is beautiful, but it’s also an extremely violent place, with one of the highest murder rates in the world. Boogie went to Jamaica once to visit a […]

Rastafarianz Worldwide to Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Hiz Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie’z visit to Jamaica

Mulugeta Haile wrote: One week from now it will be the 50th anniversary of Emperor Haile Selassie’s visit to Jamaica.   This short article attempts to portray the visit from three different points of view: Ethiopian officials who were in Jamaica with the Emperor, the government of Jamaica which officially invited the Emperor, and Rastafarians who have been […]


Queen Nanny was a Maroon leader and Obeah woman in Jamaica during the late 17th and early 18th centuries. The Maroons were a cultural mixed-race of African slaves and Native Arawak Indian tribes predated European colonization. Queen Nanny was an escaped slave who arrived from the Western part of Africa. It has been widely believed that […]

7 Placez Around the World That Had Black Power Movementz

United States The Black Power Movement in the United States inspired many movements around the globe. It was inspired by the efforts of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), which later turned in to the Black Panther Party, and The Black Arts Movement. The Black Power Movement also entangled with the Civil Rights Movement. Black […]

Video Premiere: Mystic Revealerz & Friendz’ “Herb Must Legalize Now (Remix)”

by DABBIE REYNOLDS We are counting down the hours to Jamaica’s first ganja-approved event – Rastafari Rootzfest hosts the HIGH TIMES 2015 Jamaican World Cannabis Cup. To get you in the mood, here is Mystic Revealers & Friends’ video for “Herb Must Legalize Now (420 High-Grade Remix).” On this call-to-action anthem from Dub Rockers Records, the legendary […]