Thiz Death Row Convict’z Final-Hour Message Should Be Required Reading

  By Lauren Davidson         This Death Row Convict’s Final-Hour Message Should Be Required Reading                                                            Image Credit: AP Ray Jasper, who will be put to death in Texas on March 19, has penned a startlingly eloquent and thought-provoking letter to Gawker, his self-described “final statement on Earth.” Jasper, convicted in the murder of a San Antonio studio owner […]

Back When Revolutionareez Where Real

  by M’Bwebe Aja Ishangi   (written  1996) No time for an intro, I need to go straight to the ingredients of this piece. MATHEMATICS: For those that are caught under the biblical spell, you can recall a passage that talks about the enslavement of a people for 400 yearz in a land unknown to […]

Less Complaints, More Agitation and Perspective

by a Federal prisoner October 2012 permalink Under Lock & Key seems to not place enough emphasis on perspective for the prison “illegitimate capitalist” and the role they will need to play both in prison, and more essentially in society. MIM did this by relating prisoner writings in context to societal issues; ULK publishes “complaints” […]

A woman’s perspective: Our time is now to support our youth

by Jerri Lynn Coleman To our Black youth and men of essence who call themselves men with character and integrity, I am calling you out to take a stand, to stand for something. What will your “something” be? Whatever it may be, allow yourself to empower, enhance and impact someone’s life for the better. You […]