Voices: Kevin Cooper

By Mary Kate DeLucco “I have hope. And because I have hope I have life.” For Kevin Cooper, who has been on San Quentin’s death row since 1985, it is a hope that survives because of “the number of people I have helping me, who believe in my case, my innocence, and in me.” Those […]

2018: The Year of the Executioner?

by Kevin Cooper San Quentin State Prison in California. (Flickr / CC 2.0) Editor’s note: Kevin Cooper was convicted of a 1983 quadruple murder and sentenced to death in a trial in which evidence that might have exonerated him was withheld from the defense. His case was scrutinized in a June 19 New York Times column by Nicholas […]

Support Kevin Cooper’s Campaign to Persuade Gov. Brown to Commute His Sentence

Kevin Cooper’s case is urgent. Though completely innocent, he has lost his legal appeals and his petition for clemency from the Governor is a last effort to win his freedom. He has been on death row at San Quentin prison for 32 years. If California starts up its executions again, Kevin is at the top […]

Custer died for their sinz

by Kevin Cooper Gen. George Armstrong Custer (1839-1876) paid the ultimate price for the sins of certain white people of his time who committed damn near every type of crime against humanity upon the indigenous peoples of this country. So much so that many different tribes of indigenous peoples came together, some who were sworn […]

Inmate Art: Kevin Cooper

 It’s a Generation Thing in America is about the different generations of black men that have been in prison. Here in San Quentin, you have a father and a son and a grandson, all in prison at the same time. We went from slavery to slavery by another name: prison labor. The little guy in the front, […]

The controversial conviction of Kevin Cooper

When California proposed new lethal injection regulations last fall, it added renewed urgency to the case of Kevin Cooper. Cooper is one of the 17 death row inmates in California who has exhausted all appeals, and is believed to be near the top of the list of those likely to be put to death if […]

What It’z Like to Almost Get Executed

  San Quentin inmate Kevin Cooper on watching the minutes tick away on his life. By KEVIN COOPER This article was published in collaboration with Vice. I was supposed to be executed one minute after midnight on February 10, 2004. In the lead up to that day, I was moved to a new cell where […]

Kevin Cooper on CNN’z Death Row Storiez

Join us at we tune in to Prison Radio correspondent Kevin Cooper’s case, which will be the subject of a new episode of CNN’s “Death Row Stories” airing this Sunday, July 26. The episode, created by executive producers Robert Redford and Alex Gibney, will explore how Kevin Cooper was framed by the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department and District […]

Prison Kommentariez

“Gangsters in Blue”  From Writing on the Wall (3:24)  by Mumia Abu-Jamal “Silence of the Lambs”  From WOTW (4:07)  by Mumia Abu-Jamal “40 Years in the Wilderness“ From WOTW (5:30) by Mumia Abu-Jamal “Democracy, Dictatorships & Empire” From WOTW (5:10) by Mumia Abu-Jamal “Why? A Few Unasked Questions“ (4:00) by Kevin Cooper “Prison Health Care is Death Care” (4:14) by Kerry […]

Prison Radio Kommentariez

  “Unsaid at Selma (2:48)  by Mumia Abu-JamalPA Department of Corrections Targets Prison Radio (4:47) Kerry Shakaboona Marshall “Ferguson USA” (2:26) by Mumia Abu-Jamal “International Hutzpah” (2:06) by Mumia Abu-Jamal “Real Justice – Not Cowboy Justice – For Rodney Reed“ (2:55) by Kevin Cooper Welcome to the Movement (3:47) by Kerry Shakaboona Marshall “Feeding On Fear” (1:48) by Mumia Abu-Jamal