How H. Rap Brown Forecast the Future of Black Power

by  Dr. Matthew Quest From 1967-1971, H Rap Brown (now Imam Jamil Al-Amin ), native of Baton Rouge Louisiana, distinguished himself in how he foretold the future of the Black Power movement and clarified the questions we should be asking about where African American politics and anti-racist politics were headed. His deeper contributions to politics are obscure to most perhaps as […]

Profundity vs Profanity

                                                                                                      From The Ramparts   […]

Fight Back Against Mental Slavery

Some Black students who do well in school also remain mental slaves, for they function as the modern overseer of the ghetto (plantation), for the modern slave master. These trained students lack an understanding of how to use knowledge for themselves individually, and collectively for their people. They can become as brutal as the slave […]

A just rage

by  Henry Makori Black people are quickly labeled racist any time we raise our voice against white supremacy. It is racism fighting back. It is meant to silence us. We should not openly express what we feel and know. As Black people we should not own our experiences and history. No. We are instead supposed […]

Revolutionary Daily Thought

“Our power knowz no limitz, yet we cannot find food for a starving child, or a home for a refugee. Our knowledge iz without measure and we build the weaponz that will destroy uz. We live on the edge of ourselvez, terrified of the darknezz within. We have harmed, corrupted and ruined, we have made […]