Sat. Feb. 6: International Day of Solidarity with Leonard Peltier

  International Day of Solidarity with Leonard Peltier (40 Years to the day since Leonard was first imprisoned)   Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Labor Center 1199/SEIU Auditorium 310 West 43 Street (between 8 and 9 Avenues) New York, NY   Native American political prisoner Leonard Peltier’s only hope for freedom is Executive Clemency from […]

Celebrate Freedom Fighterz by Becoming a Freedom Fighter

by cipactli of Brown Berets – Prison Chapter August 2015 There are many freedom fighters who have struggled throughout hystory in so many ways. Some used organizing, others the gun and many have used the power of words. Freedom fighters come from a variety of political ideologies and different nations, but what ties them all […]

Leonard Peltier Health Emergency

We received a message from Leonard this evening. An excerpt follows. “For months, if not at least a year now, I have been complaining about medical problems and that something is wrong with me… For the last few days, I have been on call out to go see the doctor. Today, I was called again […]

Day of Mourning

  Brothers and Sisters, It makes my heart happy to know so many of you are keeping this Day of Mourning event going. I hear there is going to be a National Geographic movie this month called “Saints and Strangers” about the REAL Thanksgiving. I want you to know that I believe… I KNOW this […]

Warrior: The Life of Leonard Peltier

Published on Oct 17, 2015 This is the definitive feature documentary about American Indian activist, Leonard Peltier. His story is told within the context of the American Indian Movement, the US federal government, and the multi national companies interested in mining the land in South Dakota. Produced and directed by Suzie Baer. 1992 Copies of […]

Revolutionary Daily Thought

Doing time creates a demented darkness of my own imagination… Doing time does this thing to you. But of course you don’t do time. You do without it. Or rather, time does you. Time is a cannibal that devours the flesh of yours day by day, night by night.  — Leonard Peltier, Prison Writings: My […]

Leonard Peltier Born-day Message

​ September 12, 2015 Greetings everyone, Well, today is another b-day for me — my 71st. I had hoped I would not be here at this age, but that’s not to be. So, I have to take a deep breathe and slowly let it out… and prepare myself for yet another day in here. February […]

BLOOD IN THE HILLZ– Leonard Peltier and the Pine Ridge Reservation Shootout 40 Yearz Later

06/26/2015 by redcell23 by Mark Trecka BLOOD IN THE HILLS Leonard Peltier and the Pine Ridge Reservation Shootout 40 Years Later In the late morning of June 26th, 1975, two young FBI agents named Jack Coler and Robert Williams entered the property of Lakota Sioux elders Harry and Cecelia Jumping Bull while ostensibly investigating the […]