Call Lethal Injection the Vile Torture It Is

by STEPHEN COOPER In a New Year’s Eve display of liberal newspaper death penalty abolition harmony – buoyed by the release of the Death Penalty Information Center’s (DPIC) annual report evidencing another year in the long-observable trend of capital punishment’s disuse and disfavor in America – both the Washington Post and New York Times’s editorial boards published opinion pieces […]

After Lethal Injection

Three states, three ways to kill a human being. By Maurice Chammah, Andrew Cohen and Eli Hager T he Supreme Court is expected to declare any day whether the injection of a drug called Midazolam violates the Eighth-Amendment protection against cruel and unusual punishment. Given the difficulty of procuring other suitable drugs, states devoted to […]

PA Governor Signz Law to Shut Down Prison Radio & Silence Mumia!

Make no mistake the Fraternal Order of Police are seeking to strip the First Amendment rights of listeners, prisoners and journalists.   On Tuesday, Oct. 21st Pennsylvania Governor Corbett signed into law the “Revictimization Relief Act”.  This bill was hijacked, gutted and fast tracked through the legislature with the specific intent to silence prisoners and […]

Lethal Injection Leadz to the Most Botched Execution

  The fate of Clayton Derrell Lockett whose execution was botched on Tuesday night was hardly unusual. It’s the worst method of execution since the 19th century. Last night the state of Oklahoma added to America’s long history of botched executions when it attempted to execute Clayton Derrell Lockett by lethal injection. At 6.23 p.m., […]

The Govt. Could Be Using Drano Flavored Jell-o for All We Know to Execute Inmatez

We’re running out of toxic methods to kill people legally, and so the govt. has taken to hiding what’s in its special sauce. Photo Credit: Truthloader (Background image) You’d think that we Americans would have enough stuff to worry about. Severe drought desiccating a third of the country. A political system whose major talent is […]

Torture on Death Row: Court Rulez Against Automatic Use of Solitary Confinement for the Condemned The Supreme Court has ruled that the death penalty itself does not constitute “cruel and unusual punishment.” Yet the treatment of the condemned is nonetheless subject to Eighth Amendment protections, as well as Fourteenth Amendment guarantees of due process. In the past few years, this ironic legal reality has been the subject of […]

Tennessee Makez Unprecedented Push to Speed Up 10 Executionz

The state wants 10 death row inmates to be executed in 2014, despite questions about its new lethal injection drug. Photo Credit: carlosgardel/ Tennessee is tired of not being able to execute its condemned inmates. In what is being cited as an unprecedented speed walk through death row, state officials have requested ten execution dates […]

 Texas Executes Another Black Man by AFRO Staff                                                                                Click on the photo to view additional Photos. The gurney sits empty in the death chamber Tuesday, May 27, 2008 in Huntsville, Texas. After a nearly 9-month hiatus a former part-time car-wash worker Derrick Sonnier, 40, is scheduled to be executed Tuesday for killing a suburban […]