On Thiz Day In Black History (our story)

  Date: Sat, 1854-04-29 On this date, Lincoln University of Pennsylvania, one of the over 100 Historically Black Colleges & Universities, was founded. Located in southern Chester County, the university opened its doors in 1854. Originally created for the education of youth of African descent, today it is open to all students. Lincoln University offers […]

Aging in place: Nebraska’s graying inmate population

Nebraska Department of Corrections Inmate Joleet Poole (right), a health care porter at the Nebraska State Penitentiary in Lincoln, cares for fellow inmate Mondo we Langa in a hospital room at the prison. May 26, 2013 4:00 am  •  By NICHOLAS BERGIN / Lincoln Journal Star   David Rice walked into the Nebraska prison system […]

The legend of Lincoln unchained

by Ezrah Aharone While “Django Unchained” is stirring controversy, Steven Spielberg’s movie, “Lincoln,” has unchained the legend of Lincoln to new mythic heights, without due challenge. Just as organizations like the NAACP denounced conservative-revisionist textbooks in Texas in 2010, they should denounce liberal-bent historical accounts that either ignorantly or deliberately fail to concede that “Abraham […]

Lincoln and Race: Not So Simple

    We should remember that it was Lincoln and the Republicans (in a Congress without advocates for a southern route) who championed the transcontinental railroad that with Federal support lead to the rise of the national railroad barons, progenitors of the corporatist Romney.Stephen Spielberg’s movie, Lincoln, ‘speaks’ to the race-consciousness of the nation at […]