Five Percenter Respondz to Islam as Liberation Theology

by Legion of United Struggle from Within March 2016 permalink Peace from the Gods! We salute the world with universal greetings of peace. We recognize the need for unity-criticism-unity. We only want to build upon the “actual facts” Wiawimawo built upon concerning Islam and New Afrikans. We have found that concerning so-called revolutionaries scientific approach […]

I shed a tear

by DeAndre Williams Old friends passing I shed a tear Remembering Their smiling and laughing Educating me And making me feel loved I shed a tear ‘Cause now I feel as if I’m all alone I shed a tear As Yuri whispers in my ear And Chinosole scolds me As I Listen closely to the […]

The Strange Fruit No Longer Hanging From the Treez – A New Pro-Black Organization that iz Seriouz About Revolution, and Making a Difference!

It is the mission of Freedom League of Universal Consciousness (F.L.O.U.C.) to foster progressive social change through the advancement, development and empowerment of the black community. The organization was organized in Florida, with the intention of having chapters all across the country, and will focus on spirituality, economic development, schooling/training, education, self-defense, literary works, health, […]

History, perceptions of Black Panther Party revealed in lecture

by Mickayla-Bay Washington With aggravation surrounding racial conflicts throughout the country rising, Linfield provided its student body with the unique opportunity to hear historian Waldo Martin talk about the Black Panther Party. After being introduced by political science professor Nick Buccola, Martin got right down to the nitty gritty. He began by skillfully painting a picture […]

Free Em All Radio! W/ Chairman Fred Hampton Jr & The Lady of Rage!   In the spirit and position of nothing being all good and nothing being all bad. We are in stage a which can be defined and recognized as bad but beautiful. Terrible but fine. For as we approach the 50th year Anniversary of one of the most revolutionary organizations that North America has yet […]

Malcolm X

Malcolm X, legendary civil rights activist and speaker on black nationalism, was born on May 19th, 1925 in Omaha, Nebraska. Born Malcolm Little, he was the fourth of eight children to a preacher and a homemaker. At the age of four, his father moved the family to East Lansing, Michigan after a group of KKK […]