What It Feels Like to be Black in America

  “No Rights That Any White Man is Bound to Respect” What It Feels Like to be Black in America by KEVIN ALEXANDER GRAY Seminole County, Florida ~ named for the Seminole people who once lived throughout the area. The term Seminole comes from the Creek word ‘semino le’, which means ‘runaway’ and the Spanish […]

The US v. Trayvon Martin

How the System Worked The US v. Trayvon Martin by ROBIN D.G. KELLEY In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, Senator Rand Paul, Florida State Representative Dennis Baxley (also sponsor of his state’s Stand Your Ground law), along with a host of other Republicans, […]

The Whirlwind Newsletter

  News from the CBPM and UNIA-ACL Division 421  A Local Black Government Publication of the UNIA-ACL in District 5 (SC, FL, & GA) July 10th, 2013 Trayvon Martin – Is there Justice in the American Court System for Black People? Now that the Prosecutor and the Defense Attorney has presented their arguments for their […]

The Racial Politics of Guilt Black Skin, White Justice

by GEORGE CICCARIELLO-MAHER “A feeling of inferiority? No, a feeling of not existing. Sin is black as virtue is white. All those white men, fingering their guns, can’t be wrong. I am guilty. I don’t know what of: but I know I’m a wretch.” – Frantz Fanon Let’s be clear about one thing: George Zimmerman is […]

Subversive Thought 4 Today

I pledge allegiance to which it stands,  the murder of my brother, under the blood of justice man who turns his back on Gods law. I shall repeat the horrors each time I close my eyes, the death that smells Upon my trust, memories of the blood that stood before my gun. Jesus Malcolm, Martin, […]