Investigating alleged medical neglect in U.S. prisons

By Sandra Hausman There are about 60,000 Virginians in state prisons and regional jails. Providing health care for a single inmate runs $5,300 annually, and that cost has been rising 5-7 percent per year, but taxpayers may not be getting their money’s worth, and people locked up for minor crimes could be paying with their lives. […]

Texas prisoner suffering stroke denied medical care, left for dead on cell floor for over 12 hours

by Jason Renard Walker, Deputy Minister of Labor, NABPP Many courts have held that a serious medical need is “one that is so obvious that even a lay person would easily recognize the necessity of a doctor’s attention.” See Brown v. Johnson, 387 F.3d 516, 522 (7th Circuit, 2008). Being denied medical care at the […]


Supporters have received word that Kevin “Rashid” Johnson was picked up by Virginia officials and removed from Clements Unit on Thursday, June 23rd. He is no longer being held by Texas Department of Criminal Justice. WE DO NOT KNOW WHERE HE IS OR WHERE HE IS BEING TAKEN. Rashid is Minister of Defense of the New Afrikan […]


          Greetings one and all. At long last I have the strength to communicate and advise that I am FEELING BETTER. During the long journey, I am about to disclose, I suffered many ups and downs before arriving at the present moment. It has been an arduous struggle, but one that was won by both […]

Give The Pigz Their Jobz Back: Resistance Iz Key – The Passive Approach Just Isn’t Working In Texaz Prisonz

by Jason Walker The Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) has been operating as a money making business, run by corrupt wardens and administrative personnel, since the beginning of the 20th century. This revolving door style of bad actors in high places is no different than what we see in mainstream politics (notably the presidential […]

What It Meanz to Believe PrisonerzNoth

Ending the racist prison system begins with telling the truth about its injustices. by Matt Hartman   Jail cell by artist Tehching Hsieh at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Jason Kuffer / Flickr On January 19, Matthew McCain died in his cell at North Carolina’s Durham County Detention Facility. According to reports […]

Revolutionary eulogy by Texas Chicano POW-politikal prisoner Alvaro Luna Hernandez for Komrade Brother Hugo ‘Yogi Bear’ Pinell

by Alvaro Luna Hernandez Power to the people! Power to our fallen Comrade Brother Hugo “Yogi Bear” Pinell! We were saddened by the news that Yogi was murdered last Wednesday, Aug. 12, during an alleged “prison riot” at a Sacramento maximum security prison, after Yogi’s recent release from decades in solitary confinement in the California […]


The Continued Sickening of Mumia! by ‘littleRed             The sinister “sickening”of Mumia Abu Jamal continues!             The NYC Free Mumia Coalition just hosted a critical but disturbing update on the latest with the world’s most famous political prisoner.             At issue is how Pennsylvania Corrections will just not give this man the medical treatment he […]

Competent Medical Care – Administer the Hepatitis C cure to Mumia & the 10, 000 PA Prisoners with the disease

Competent Medical Care, Not Transfer Administer the Hepatitis C cure to Mumia & the 10,000 PA Prisoners with the disease, NOW! 9/7/15 At the urging of Pam Africa, I visited Mumia yesterday, Sunday, September 6. Pam got word from inside that Mumia’s cell had been raided by prison authorities.  As you know, after a […]


Please Forward Widely Imam Jamil in prison garb, surrounded by guards On Sep 3, 2015, Jericho received a call from a Political Prisoner at USP Canaan concerning Imam Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin. The caller said that Imam Jamil was in serious need of medical attention. His jaw was swollen to at least twice its normal size, […]