Remembering Merle Africa 20 Years Later

March 13th 2018 will mark 20 years since MOVE political prisoner Merle Africa died under mysterious circumstances at The State Correctional Institution in Cambridge Springs Pennsylvania. This is a piece written in dedication to Merle by MOVE political prisoner Mike Africa. On March 13th we are asking people to circulate and collect signatures for our petition aimed at […]

Demand The US Justice Dept Do The Right Thing Philly August 1st

Ona Move This August 8th 2015 will mark 37 years now that our innocent family members have been unjustly imprisoned by Philadelphia and Pennsylvania officials for a crime that not only these officials but the world knows they did not commit . In 1998 and 2015 Two of our family members Merle Africa and Phil […]

Solidarity Message From Mexico

Hey everybody, all this recent great work you’ve all been doing is really exciting. The school board action was tremendous, also the stuff on Corizon really important and I really like Johanna and Heidi’s article relating Mumia’s case to those of thousands of other prisoners. I think we also shouldn’t fail to point out that […]

May 13, 2015 – Be In Philadelphia! Free the Move 9! Free All Politikal Prisonerz/ Prisonerz of War

May 13, 2015 is the 30th anniversary of the of the horrific fire bombing of the MOVE family home, along with 65 nearby houses, by the City of Philadelphia with the collaboration of the FBI.  The bombing resulted in the murder of 11 members of the MOVE family, 5 children and 6 adults.   We urge […]

Save the Date: Friday, 27 March Showing of “Let the Fire Burn” with Ramona Africa

 Save the Date: Friday, 27 March      Riverside Church, Room 9T      6-9pm It’s time to FREE theMOVE 9 NOW! acclaimed film about the May 13, 1985, bombi Phil Africa Though the film is gripping and tells much of the real story, RAMONA AFRICA, the only adult survivor of that 1985 fire, will present a MOVE perspective on […]

From Germany to Mexico to the U.S.A.: Thiz iz the year to free the MOVE 9!

  The Endless Incarceration of the MOVE 9    by Michael Schiffmann   They were convicted to 30 to 100 years in prison for murder in the 3rd degree, the members of the „MOVE 9“: the 4 women Debbie, Janine, Janet, and Merle Africa, and the 5 men Delbert, Phil, Mike, Chuck, and Edward Africa. In […]

Some Reflectionz on Komradez, The Spirit of Resistance, Struggle and Death

by Jaan Laaman – 4sm [For Struggle Magazine] editor January 27, 2015      2015 is almost a month old and my overall outlook has been optimistic and energized.  With a months long new movement in the streets, fighting against government repression and police killings of unarmed men, boys and women too, mostly of color, […]

Komrade Phil Africa Haz Joined the Ancestorz

On Saturday, January 10th Phil Africa, revolutionary, John Africa’s First Minister of Defense, and beloved brother, husband and father, passed away under suspicious circumstances at the State Correctional Institution at Dallas, PA. On Sunday, January 4th Phil Africa wasn’t feeling well and went to the prison infirmary. Though he wasn’t feeling well, other inmates saw […]

Deadline Approaching for Letterz in Support of Debbie Simz Africa

  Ona Move Everybody! Just wanted to send out a quick reminder to people that submission letters in support of parole for Debbie Sims Africa are due by May 4th. So if you haven’t written your letter please do, and submissions can be mailed to: The MOVE Organization P.O. Box 19709 Philadelphia PA 19143 Debbie […]

We Love You Merle, You Will Live Forever

March 13, 2014 This is an article dedicated to Merle Africa written by the Move family in 1998 Today Marks 16 years since Merle Africa died under mysterious circumstances in The State Correctional Institution in Cambridge Springs PA. Let’s celebrate the life of Merle by picking up the work to fight this rotten ass system. […]