The Funke Wisdom of Chocolate Cities

By Mary F. Corey  A Review of Chocolate Cities: the Black Map of American Life by Marcus A. Hunter & Zandria F. Robinson, University of California Press Mathematically it all adds up All people are equal, but equal to what? Once you understand there’s a spiritual math Add soul to the science and subtract the riff–raff Knowledge ain’t enough, you need funke funke wisdom —Kool Moe Dee, Funke Wisdom (1991)    Imagine a giant map of the United States with just two words inscribed across it: THE SOUTH. There are no blue states and no […]

Almost all living people outside of Afrika trace back to a single migration more than 50,000 yearz ago

Eske Willerslev (left) meets Aboriginal elders during the genetic sampling project he led.   By Elizabeth Culotta, Ann Gibbons Australian Aborigines have long been cast as a people apart. Although Australia is halfway around the world from our species’s accepted birthplace in Africa, the continent is nevertheless home to some of the earliest undisputed signs […]

The Afrikan-Amerikanz: Many Riverz To Cross

y CHAPTER 1: THE EARLY AFRICAN DIASPORA: A SCATTERING OF MILLIONS FROM AFRICA TO THE AMERICAS In the 360 years between 1500 and the end of the slave trade in the 1860s, at least 12 million Africans were forcibly taken to the Americas – then known as the “New World” to European settlers. This largest […]

May Day, 2012, by Lynne Stewart

4/ 29/12;  9 am some thoughts for May 1 2012 ======================================================================== May Day, a celebration of the Worker and May Day, a commemoration of the Immigrant migration has now become a single holiday—and how appropriate that is !! The massive immigrant influx of the late 19 century was primarily  a new supply of workers for […]