A Strike Against the New Jim Crow

Janaé Bonsu  Illustration by Nicole Rodrigues. Click for full version. Imagine if prison laborers were entitled to a minimum wage, overtime pay, and workers’ compensation when injured on the job. It might be difficult to envision if you’re not used to thinking of incarcerated people as workers. But it’s their labor of cooking, clerical and […]

Blog #40: The Fight for $15 and Class Struggle by PP Jalil Muntaqim

Blog #40: The Fight for $15 and Class Struggle In respect to the fight for minimum wage increase ($15.00 hr.) and union organizing, I believe it is important we give serious consideration to the socio-political relationship between workers and the bosses/corporate entities. While we cannot oppose the fight to increase the minimum wage, this fight […]

10 Companiez Paying Amerikanz the Least

By Mike Sauter, Alexander E. M. Hess, Thomas Frohlich . A Macy’s store is seen in Schaumburg, Illinois near Chicago, September 23, 2013. REUTERS/Jim Young                                          This summer, thousands of fast-food workers in the United States went on strike in cities across the country, demanding their wages be increased to $15 an hour and the ability to unionize. […]

MIM(Prisons): Identifying the U.$. Lumpen Starts with Understanding the First World Petty Bourgeoisie

by NikolaiBrown By Soso of MIM(Prisons) MIM(Prisons) is working on a book about the lumpen in the internal semi-colonies of the United $tates. The first chapter, which we are circulating in draft form for peer review, focuses on identifying the lumpen and calculating the size of this group within U.$. borders. Part of this identification first requires […]