The Declaration of Dr. Kamau Kambon

“We Must Find A Final Solution To Stop The Ethnic Cleansing Of Black People”- Baba Kamau Kambon, The Declaration. When Baba Kamau Kambon’s impactful statements were made 10 years ago about finding the solution to the issue of global Black extermination live on C-SPAN, tremors were felt all over the world… and they still are. His words were made at a discussion at […]

The 420 Myth: How Did ‘420’ Become Synonymous with Pot?

The 420 Times / By 420 Time Staff There are still a bong-load of misconceptions revolving around the term’s supposed derivation. APRIL 20: A marijuana activist dancing on live music during the annual marijuana 420 event at Yonge & Dundas Square on April 20 2012 in Toronto, Canada.  The following article first appeared in The […]