Aurora Innovations Gangsters With Shovels

Roots Organics 1.Various Reggae Arists – Milk and Honey 2.Konshens – Give Your Plants A Treat 3.Chezidek – Roots Planters 4.Don Carlos – Roots Party 5.Rootz Underground – Bat Sh*t Crazy 6.Sean Paul and Damian Jr. Gong Marley – Riot 7.Agent Sasco – Buffalo Soldier 8.Munga – Plant It 9.Jah Vinci – Fire 10.Kabaka Pyramid […]

First Listen: Michael McDonald “Cries” in terrific Muscle Shoals tribute

(September 10, 2018) From the 1950s through the 1970s, much of the iconic soul music was recorded in FAME studio in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Listerally a who’s who of blues and soul performers – and later rock performers – found inspiration in this musical bastion of the deep south. Now an equally impressive group of […]

Black August In The Roots Mix

Soul Rebel plays reggae for Black August – roots & culture with dub! Our guest Jared Ball, PhD educates our listeners about Black August and provides context for America’s human rights struggle in the age of “new” media and technology.   source:

The real heroes of modern-day Afrikan postal services risked their lives delivering letters by running in the 1800s

-photo-historicalbotswana- In Ancient Africa, communication was done through music, drumming and on critical occasions, the sending of royal servants and soldiers. In times when a piece of information was very sensitive or better delivered in person, royal kings left their palaces to speak with other kings behind closed doors. After settling, the Europeans realised the […]

Sizzla Kalonji live on stage featuring Ras Ceylon in Berkeley, California July 2018

  Published on Jul 23, 2018 Ras Ceylon live on stage wit the living legend, Sizzla Kalonji & The FireHouse Band at The UC Theater in Berkeley CA, on Saturday July14th, 2018! Ras Ceylon kicks a freestyle about the historic accomplishment of Zero Murders in August Town 2016 under Sizzla’s leadership thru the Sizzla Youth […]

Ras Ceylon “Fyah Still Burnin” (Official Music Video)

Published on Nov 4, 2011 Album Name: Ras Ceylon presents: “Gideon.Force Vol.1” Song Name: Fyah Still Burnin Riddim: “Jah Children” by NowTimeSound Web:

At the Federal Supermax, When Does Isolation Become Torture?

by ALAN PRENDERGAST JULY 3, 2018 You see them on TV, usually around the time they are arrested. Men who have declared war on America, combatants in a conflict that never ends. They are captured on the street and at airports, in mid-stride and sometimes in mid-attack. Some of them have long, Arabic names. The journalists prefer […]