From the Keystone State to the Golden State: The need for a national movement to liberate politikal prisonerz

I felt the need to reblog thiz piece by Komrade Big Brutha Saleem because it’z relevance when first written and it iz still true now.  August 4, 2014 by Robert Saleem Holbrook   In Pennsylvania, former Black Panthers and Black Liberation Army members Russell Maroon Shoatz, Joseph JoJo Bowens, Clifford Lumumba Futch and Fred Muhammad Burton enter […]

A Black and White Game: The Chess Playerz of Union Square

Chess players in Union Square, NYC. Photo by Damien Derouene Located on 14th Street in New York City, Union Square is one of the most diverse and hectic public spaces in a city known for being diverse and hectic. There’s the group ofHare Krishna who congregate to dance and chant over a steady, thumping drum […]

Why race iz the main reason the murderouz bloodbath in Waco waz handled with velvet glovez

by Shaun King attribution: CNN screenshot Nine people shot to death at a family restaurant. Dozens of others stabbed, beaten, and seriously injured. Over 100 guns recovered. Sounds like one of the worst crimes in modern American history, right? Then why do the men above look like they are tailgating? Smoking cigarettes, others using their […]

Study exposez racism & why Black girlz matter

By Dolores Cox All human life matters. But throughout U.S. history, that reality has been overshadowed by the doctrine and practice of white supremacy, the law of the land. Racial hatred victimizing people of color has always permeated U.S. society and dictates its policies, public discourse and individual behavior. Black children become targets at an […]

Amerikan Death Kampz

Inmatez are dying inside U.S. prisonz and virtually no one is held accountable  In this June 20, 2014, file photo, the sprawling Rikers Island jail complex. A report released Jan. 14 by New York City’s Department of Investigation points out problems with the recruiting, hiring and screening of guards who work in the city’s jails. […]

Love Yourself, Love Your Freedom: Official Welcome Home Celebration for Sekou Odinga

Sunday February 15, 2015 12 noon – 6pm Malcolm X & Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial and Educational Center 3940 Broadway, New York, New York 10032 Existence is Resistance, The Sekou Odinga Defense Committee and The Campaign to Bring Mumia Home present this all day celebration and fundraiser for recently released political prisoner of 34 years, […]

Revolutionary Daily Thought

Yuri Kochiyama speaks at an anti-war rally in Central Park in 1968. Consciosness is power. Consciosness is education and knowledge. Consciousness is becoming aware. Yuri Kochiyama Related articles Yuri Kochiyama And Asian – Black Radical Politicz ‘Ahead of her time’: Yuri Kochiyama (1921-2014) Growing Up To Be Like Yuri Kochiyama Acclaimed Japanese-American Activist Yuri Kochiyama […]

43rd anniversary of the historic Attica Prison Rebellion

Download Podcast This weekend marks the 43rd anniversary of the historic Attica Prison Rebellion and tonight will share our thoughts and reports on the historic event when prisoners in New Yorks Attica prison of all ethnicities and religions stood together to protest the inhumane conditions they were forced to endure. We will also share a […]

All Out for the Month of Resistance to Mass Incarceration, Police Terror, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation!

Gather ©2014 by Alice Walker for  Carl Dix and Cornell West It is still hard to believe that millions of us saw Eric Garner die. He died with what looked like a half dozen heavily clad policemen standing on his body, twisting and crushing him especially his head and neck. He was a big man, […]

Join Ramona Africa in Philadelphia 4 The MOVE family 30 year commemoration

ONA MOVE, my friends.  As you no doubt know, May 13, 2015 marks 30 years since the unconscionable bombing and murder of my MOVE family by the US government.  We don’t intend to allow officials or anybody else to forget what happened that day or what is really behind it- our unrelenting fight for the […]