December in Nicaragua – Struggle and Solidarity

  December has been important in the history of Nicaragua and Sandinismo. | Photo: EFE An incomplete review offers a glance at why December is such an important month in Nicaragua’s turbulent history.   There are months of the year that for some more or less mysterious reason, or by mere coincidence, are laden with […]


Few of us know the name, Hugo Pinell. That’s because the last time it was in the newspapers was probably in 1971, or 1976, when he was tried as a member of the famous San Quentin Six, six young Black prisoners facing assault charges stemming from battles with prison guards at the notoriously repressive California […]

The Life and Legacy of the Honorable Marcus Garvey

The Life and Legacy of the Honorable Marcus Garvey  Marcus Mosiah Garvey was born in St. Ann’s Bay Parish of St. Ann on August 17, 1887. He was the youngest of his fathers 11 children, nine of whom died in childhood. Garvey attended infant and elementary schools in St. Ann’s Bay and was a bright student. He […]

If North Korean Prisonz Constitute Crimez Against Humanity, so too do Amerika’z

by Kevin Rashid Johnson Based on its 400 page report on prison conditions in North Korea (NK), a special United Nations (UN) commission created under the auspices of the United States, has condemned (NK) as an evil human rights violator.1) The report claims to draw on the testimonies of victims and witnesses to decades (NK) […]

Crack Capitalism

Available to stream on vimeo until Thursday, April 2nd The C.I.A. covertly funded military operations in Nicaragua in the 1980’s; in part using money from cocaine sales out of Nicaragua. These covert government activities substantially contributed to the ‘crack cocaine epidemic’ in urban America. The subsequent effect was that black incarceration was systematized and monetized. […]

The World iz a Ghetto… But Might I Ask, Why?

    “Look around, we’re living in what tomorrow’s historians will refer to as the fallout, the final days of, the collapse of European Colonialism across the planet.” Look around, we’re living in what tomorrow’s historians will refer to as the fallout, the final days of, the collapse of European Colonialism across the planet.Politically, 2016 […]

Dear Friends and Komradez, please support thiz important newspaper a voice/our voice of resistance & struggle

In the fall of 1988, Ronald Reagan was still president, hobbled by the Iran-Contra scandal after he circumvented a Congressional ban on aid to the Contras in Nicaragua through illegal dealings with the Khomeini regime. There were about 680,000 people locked down in US jails and prisons, up 90% from the beginning of the decade. Vice-president […]

Help the Freedom Archives Preserve Priceless Musical History

Please join Mat Callahan, Poet Nina Serrano & surprise guests at The Eric Quezada Center for Culture and Politics located at 518 Valencia on Friday May 3rd @ 7pm. 518 Valencia on Friday May 3rd @ 7pm It was with delighted surprise that a large cache of Looters video, long thought to be lost, was rediscovered […]