We Need to Talk About All Aspectz of Racism

by Tom Watts We need to talk about all kinds of racism and about racism in general, because it is all reactionary and all serves to perpetuate inequality and class exploitation. If we are serious about ending racism, we have got to understand it, where it comes from, who it serves and how it works, […]

Book Party with Robert King and Albert Woodfox!

Book partyMartin Luther King Jr. Labor Center 310 W 43rd St. NYC Monday, August 8, 2016, 6-9pm                 with robert king & albert woodfox                 Forty-four years ago, deep in rural Louisiana, three young black men were silenced for trying to expose continued segregation, systematic corruption, and horrific abuse in the biggest prison in the US, […]

Black and Brown unity: a powerful force

By Teresa Gutierrez Karl Marx wrote that the capitalist class would create its own gravediggers. Black and Brown folks will assuredly be some of those gravediggers. The rampant terrorism against Black people by the police in this country has forever exposed their role in capitalist society. The police exist to defend the capitalists’ private property […]

Revolutionary Daily Thought

“A good man who iz silent and inactive in timez of great injustice and oppression iz no good man at all. He iz no ally to freedom and justice but iz a silent partner to tyranny and condemnation. He doez not deserve exemption from the condemnation and the vengeance of those whom hiz silence allowz […]

No Badjacketing: The State Wantz to Kill Uz; Let’z Not Cooperate

We prepared this short piece after several comrades were badjacketed in public and with pictures on social media at the 4th Precinct Shutdown. We believe those individual cases have been dealt with, and don’t wish to cause unnecessary division by complaining, or publicly calling any group or individual out. Instead, this is intended to provoke reflection, and conversation, amongst […]

Private Prisonz Exposed, and Same az Public

by MIM(Prisons)     permalink Recently an exposé of the private prison Winn Correctional Center in Winnfield, Lousiana, run by Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), was published in Mother Jones.(1) The article explains conditions which are completely inhumane, and many of the atrocities are linked to the CCA’s drive for profit. In the section about the mailroom, […]

Schooled By Youtube: Who Said We Didn’t Fight Back? Louisiana Uprising of 1811

We are rarely taught of instances where our ancestors fought back against the harsh treatment of White Supremacy unless it was in the form of REFORM. Most of our ancestors fought for revolutionary change which was for TRUE LIBERATION. We wanted our own sovereignty because it was completely unnatural for one race to rule over […]

Queen Mother Assata Speakz w Democracy Now


Strugglez of Indigenouz peoplez in the Yukon

Oppression and resistance in Canada By G. Dunkel Whitehorse, Yukon — The poorest sections of people living in Canada are Indigenous. Called the First Nations, they include American Indians, Inuit and Metis. Ever since 1763, when France ceded nearly all its colonies in North America, the ruling class of Canada has been trying, sometimes by […]

Build a Revolutionary Mind and Body

by an Ohio prisoner            permalink   Brothas and Sistas, as freedom fighters we must stay ready every day to act, for we might be called to duty to support and protect our brothas and sistas in our struggle. In the revolutionary units it’s mandatory we get our military on. Getting […]