Classifying Humynz for Oppression

by Auntie Bellum of United Struggle from Within February 2016 permalink As each holiday season reminds us, there are certain tunes sung again and gain for generations. Perhaps a word or two is altered as language changes, but the message is the same. A man named Carolus Linneaus is honored by most amerikkkans as “one […]

Incarcerated Mind

by a California prisoner An incarcerated mind is a waste If all you do is watch TV and take up space Open your mind that the real rat race Is believing in something wrong If society can’t seem to get along With those of us who choose to stand strong? Take pride if you don’t […]

Why Don’t We Raise the RBG Flag?

Why don’t we raise the RBG flag? The answer, quite simply, is because we raise the Red Flag of Revolution. The red, black and green flag designed by Marcus Garvey has been popularly adopted to represent Black nationalism in Amerika. People may ask, “Don’t you believe Black people have been constituted as a nation within […]

White Pantherz in the 21st Century (Tom Big Warrior)

“No matter what color you are, there are only two classes.” – Fred Hampton Racism is not complicated. It is a social construct of capitalism to divide the masses and justify the oppression and super-exploitation of Blacks and other people of color for the benefit of the monopoly-capitalist ruling class. People were not always racist, […]


  Watch as Dr. Joy deGruy explains how centuries of chattel slavery and oppression led to the adaptive survival behaviors in African American communities throughout the United States and the Diaspora – aka Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome

If Thiz iz a War, Then Black Livez Matter iz Losing

by MUMIA ABU-JAMAL ‘Plus ça change …’ say the French; or ‘The more things change, of course, the more they stay the same.’ That thought, with all its despair and wisdom, resonates with particular power when we look at the Black Freedom Struggle, which, despite its ebbs and flows, has a sameness that seems to […]

The Incarceration of Konsciousnezz

You are a thirteen-year-old, African-American boy buried deep in the ghettos of the notorious Compton projects in Los Angeles, California. The year is 1967, it is a warm, sticky June afternoon, and the mood is anxious. You are worried about where you will get food for dinner, you are worried about your Mother’s health and […]

Black Time travel: Racism

Let me just put it out there.  Racism is not over—although some would argue that we are living in a post-racial society. In this brief video, a young White woman breaks it down.  She talks candidly about how Whites are oblivious towards race, but yet perpetuate it with their everyday actions and thoughts. As she […]