Liberation Schools to Organize Through the Walls

by USW23 of United Struggle from Within                permalink One way to accomplish the task of organizing the streets from behind bars is to show the importance of organizing. We on the inside of the razor wire slave plantations have transformed our minds from criminals serving the interest of the oppressor, into revolutionaries […]

Turn the Gunsz Around: Mutiniez, Soldier Revoltz and Revolution

Veterans for Peace Courage To Resist Iraq Veterans Against the War Veterans for Standing Rock are all mentioned in this book. $19.95 New York: World View Forum 2017 324 pages. 29 photos, 4 maps. Draftees and enlistees — eighteen-year-olds from the South Bronx, factory workers from Buffalo, miners’ sons from Kentucky, unemployed youth from Watts […]


Listen and Download Here    This month marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense in the bay area of California and across the US people are discussing the history and legacy of the Panthers who formed a country wide organization based upon principles of anti-capitalism and self-defense against […]

By Any Meanz Necessary

by a Maryland prisoner                                        permalink My opinion on how we should decide what tactics to use in our present day struggle is simple. First off, we must educate one another about past struggles that have a […]

Resurrecting the alliance of black revolutionariez and Southern whitez, decadez after a government crackdown

By Tana Ganeva   There’s an old, grainy black-and-white video floating around YouTube that shows Black Panther Bobby Lee addressing a group of poor white migrants from the South and Appalachia. “I wanna introduce a man that come over here tonight from another part of town but he’s fighting for some of the same causes […]

Once a Panther alwayz a Panther: Reflectionz on the 50th Anniversary of the BPP

This month marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense in Oakland, California. As an original White Panther, my involvement with the Panthers began in 1968, when I hooked up with WPP members in Chicago during the protests outside the Democratic National Convention. The MC5, the house band […]

Today, few know how bad it waz for Black and Brown people back in George and Yogi’z day

by Pablo Piña I was sitting in my cell in administrative segregation when the news station here in Corcoran announced that Hugo Pinell had been killed at Folsom Prison and that a riot had followed the attack on him. Both were not surprising to me; there were many prisoners who did not like Hugo for […]

Starve the beast

By TIM YOUNG Plantation toil, penitentiary moil, where slavery ends The Prison Industrial Complex begins Check your history 1863 to the 21st century Wanton misery, no mystery, Statistics quite frightening Fraught with disparity… African Americans constitute 12 percent of the nation 50 percent of the prison population. That’s mass incarceration Modern day enslavement Casting a […]