May 2018 Parole Hearings For The Move 9 Sisters

ONA MOVE In May 2018  Janet, Janine, and Debbie Africa all will be making yet another appearance before The Pennsylvania Parole Board. In 2016 all three of the women were denied parole and given a two year hit, despite having excellent conduct records, home and employment plans, and once again the recommendation of the prison […]

Delbert Africa Denied Parole; Given 5 Year Hit

Ona Move Earlier Today we received word from our Brother Delbert Africa that he was denied parole yet again and what is even more sadistic and bothersome to us is the fact that Delbert was given A FIVE YEAR HIT. Delbert was informed in a meeting today by Parole Board Member Leslie Grey of the […]

Michael Africa Sr. Denied Parole

Back In 2014 Our Brother Michael Africa Sr  went  before The Pennsylvania Parole Board and was as expected denied parole . What was even more sinister with this parole denial was the fact that Michael was given a five year hit . One of the reasons cited was that Michael was considered a threat to […]

The Move 9 , The Fraternal Order Of Police , And The Pa Parole Board

The Justice And Accountability Campaign is still in full swing and is still going strong . We have dedicated 2017 to exposing and working around the puny excuse that The Pennsylvania Parole Board has used to so called justify denying parole for MOVE members in prison . The Excuse the past four years has been […]

The Move 9 and The Safety of the Kommunity

Ona Move The fight in exposing the illegal parole denials of The Move 9 at the hands of The Pennsylvania Parole Board is still in full swing. During the respective 2012, 2014, 2015, and 2016 parole denials of The Move 9, the now main reason that has been cited for The Move 9 being denied […]

Eddie Africa Solidarity Day Friday January 8th 2016

  Ona Move Back in October 2015 Our Brother Edward Goodman Africa was scheduled for his parole hearing. However, as of today January 5th 2016, Eddie has still not had his parole hearing with no clear explanation into why. When we first called the parole board back in October in regards to Eddie they first […]

Demand The US Justice Department Take Action Be In Philly August 1st

Ona Move This August 8th 2015 will officially mark 37 years since the August 8th 1978 attack on The Move organization at their Powelton village Headquarters in Philadelphia . This attack on Move by The Philadelphia police against Move resulted in the murder of Philadelphia police officer James Ramp and the arrest, frame up , […]

TOMORROW: Keep the pressure on Phila. DA re: MOVE 9

Ona Move This week we are approaching The 36th anniversary of The arrest and unjust imprisonment of The Move 9. At this point we cannot allow our innocent brothers and sisters to sit in prison another year. The Fraternal Order Of Police , The Pennsylvania Parole Board , and Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams are […]

Seth Williamz And The Move 9

  Ona Move For close to one year now we have been focused on exposing the Pennsylvania Parole Board‘s illegal and unjust parole denials of The Move 9. We have exposed the police and Their role in the influence of the parole denials and have also exposed the role of Both Randy Feathers and Lloyd […]

Move 9 Media Month January2014

Ona Move Everybody The Justice And Accountability campaign aimed at exposing The illegal parole denials of The Move 9 at the the hands of The Pennsylvania Parole Board is in full effect. We have now entered The third phase of our campaign in which we have now moved forward in pushing the issue in the […]