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Whie supremacy has taught him that all people of colour are threats irrespective of their behavior. Capitalism has taught him that, at all costs, his property can and must be protected. Patriarchy has taught him that his masculinity has to be proved by thewillingness to conquer fear thru aggression. Bell Hooks Related articles The growing […]

Even Exposure to Air Pollution Cutz Across Racial Linez in Amerika

By Carimah Townes The following story first appeared in Think Progress.  A study produced by the University of Minnesota concluded that race is a determining factor in who is most affected by air pollution. Specifically, non-white people breathe air that is substantially more polluted than the air that white people breathe. According to Julian Marshall, who led […]

Blackness Is The Fulcrum

I’m often asked why I’ve focused so much more on anti-black racism than on Asians over the years. Some suggest I suffer from internalized racism. That might well be true since who doesn’t suffer from internalized racism?  I mean, even white people internalize racism. The difference is that white people’s internalized racism is against people […]

George Zimmerman IS a Creepy Ass Cracker – Jasiri X

I decided to put my thoughts about the Zimmerman Trial, the Voting Rights Act, and Race in America in a 16 bar verse: Oh you was born black welcome to the curse race Oh you was born brown you sure this is your birthplace This is America the home of the white man Where every […]

Review: The Progressive Plantation

Racism Inside White Radical Social Change Groups by Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin, self published in October 2011   It’s hard to write a review of a book I agree with so much. Usually when I’m taking notes on a book I can start to just write a few sentences summarizing what any given chapter is about. This […]

Zine: Sin Barras vol. 1

Sin Barras — ‘without (prison) bars’ in spanish — is a community-based group out of Santa Cruz that works to build coalitions to eradicate the prison industrial-complex. sin-barras-vol-1.pdf download PDF (2.4MB) [Click the image above to download and read our zine!] What is the prison industrial complex? The prison industrial complex (PIC) is a term […]

The War on White Supremacy

  Source: by Solomon Comissiong White supremacy is a killer of plague-like dimensions, “responsible for well over 100 million deaths” of Africans and Native Americans, alone. For centuries, white supremacists have waged war on the non-white world. “In 2008 they selected their newest weapon – Barack Obama.”   The War on White Supremacy by […]

Black People Resisted

As a Pan-afrikanst living here in the amerikkka’s. I pledge to continue the fight that my ancestors fought and even gave their lives 4 so that i would have freedom to live as a proud Nu-Afrikan.  That dream is still differed still some 450 yrs later,and i will not rest until freedom is a reality for all […]