The Ballad of the Blade … The story of knife crime, told in verse by the weapon itself. Why do teenagers carry knives? How does it feel to live in a world where that’s normal? How should we respond to the moral panic generated by the current wave of youth crime? Momtaza Mehri, Young People’s Poet Laureate for London, presents a […]

Use Your Observation

by a California prisoner      permalink A revolution Our only solution Of freeing us of Media’s pollution From teachers To preachers To what’s taught In classes Are intended To neutralize the masses We must be open minded And not be blinded By believing Everything we’re told Evaluate the situation Do not rely On your education […]


by a Texas prisoner              permalink Yesterday, I was a sleeping victim victimized by class segregation Yesterday, I was comatose, to those who inflicted economic degradation These Imperialist weapon of mass Destruction is capitalism smoked screened by spiritual materialism The irony is that of a materialist in prison Yesterday, I was […]

‘The Snake’: How Trump Appropriated a Radical Black Singer’s Lyrics for Immigration Fearmongering

One of President Trump’s earliest documented uses of “The Snake” came in January 2016, on the eve of the primary season that he would go on to storm. Speaking to a crowd in Cedar Falls, Iowa, with the state’s all-important caucus just days away, the candidate put on reading glasses and read the story from […]

Message to the Black Man

I sing the song of the Black Man The Eternal Black Man The uncreated, unborn, everlasting Alpha and Omega Man The Afrikan, the Indian, the Mexican and the CaucAsian I am that I am I am all men in different variations The tallest and the shortest man The thinnest and the broadest man I am […]

Your Honor, a poem by #KuwasiBalagoon “I thought murder was legal”


New Poem by Politikal Prisoner Jalil Abdul Muntaqim

46 Forty-six years in the penitentiary, Forty-six years eating from commissary dispensary. Forty-six years of suffering and misery by confronting racism and white supremacy, never, ever letting them get the best of me. Nineteen when captured and confined, shoot-out with police marked the beginning of this time. Been to the parole board nine times, continuously […]

Apartheid Attica

Nestled in the upstate New York rural community, stand grey walls and ominous gun towers, inside 24 hundred souls captured and confined. Marching two by two, 40 strong, escorted by club wielding guards enter a messhall, a sea of Black and Brown faces, under camera surveillance and controlled, by the threat of club wielding automatons. […]

Black History

by Gil Scott-Heron  I was wondering about our yesterdays, and starting digging through the rubble and to say, at least somebody went through a hell of a lot of trouble to make sure that when we looked things up we wouldn’t fair too well and that we would come up with totally unreliable portraits of ourselves. […]