Dear Colin Kaepernick; On behalf of most, if not the vast overwhelming majority of Black Americans, minus a midget’s handful of sellout Uncle Toms, I’d like to offer you a heartfelt, grateful “thank you” for telling White America what most of Black America deems self-evident and holds true–the US flag is a symbol of an iron-fisted […]

How the Police Shooting of Botham Jean Disrupted Dallas’ Reputation for Reform

The brain-twisting shooting of a man inside his own apartment is yet another example of both police escalation and the flexibility often afforded cops who commit egregious acts. Amber Guyger, Botham Jean COURTESY/KAUFMAN COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE, FACEBOOK Family and friends of Jordan Edwards cried tears of both joy and relief inside a Dallas County courtroom last […]

Six powerful documentaries about race and criminal justice

FILM & TVLISTS Put all of these on your watch list 12September 2018 Text Declan Rhys Massicott This autumn brings with it a host of films exploring the relationship between black people and law enforcement. In October, there’s certain to be a lot of hype around the major young adult feature film The Hate U Give, starring Amandla Stenberg and Issa […]

After police unions threaten Nike with boycotts, black officers insist they stand with Kaepernick

by  Jessica Sutherland  Daily Kos Staff Those who despise Colin Kaepernick—for his originally-silent and always-peaceful on-field protests against law enforcement’s rampant racism and unchecked brutality against people of color—are always quick to hide behind baseless accusations about what they believe are Kap’s real motivations. “He hates America!” some say. “He hates the military!” others shriek. All ignore the […]

Daily Dose of Protest: Rabbits Revenge – Tom Morello with Killer Mike, Big Boi and Bassnectar

Photo Credit: Adriangregori “Rabbits Revenge” is the latest track off of Tom Morello’s upcoming album The Atlas Underground, due out October 12, 2018. It is an explosive expose on police brutality. “We just have to keep putting the corrupt ones on tape and letting people know that we’re not really gonna stand for this shit too […]

White Man Yells “You’re Treating Me Like A F**king Black Person” As Cops Arrest Him

   Why would that be the first thing that comes to mind as you’re being arrested? A video has gone viral of a white man telling police they’re treating him like a “f**king black person” as cops try to arrest him. The video, posted by Shaun King, shows the man surrounded by three Orlando police officers. […]

‘Intoxicating freedom, gripping fear’: Mumia Abu-Jamal on life as a Black Panther

 Former Black Panther Mumia Abu-Jamal. Photograph: April Saul/Philadelphia Inquirer The letter was dated 30 August 2016. Written in black ink in spidery, meticulous handwriting, it proclaimed at the top of the page: “On a Move!”, the mantra of the Move group of black liberationists from Philadelphia who clashed violently with the city’s police force 40 […]

The Case for Delegitimizing the Police

by  William C. Anderson The Case for Delegitimizing the Police “Once you come to understand the institution’s ties to white supremacy, it becomes clear the system is toxic and cannot be fixed.” The institution of policing doesn’t deserve the unquestioned authority and purpose people give it in the United States. Fraud, corruption, and violence are […]