A new look at racial disparities in police use of deadly force

by Joseph Cesario One of the most important social issues of the last five years is fatal police shootings of black Americans. The concern that police fatally shoot blacks at higher rates than whites has given rise to a strong push for department-wide interventions for police officers. Such interventions, usually in the form of “implicit bias” training, […]

WATCH: Sheriff of Deadliest Dept in US Says His Deputies Have Financial Incentive to “Kill” People

Bakersfield, CA — The sheriff of Kern County, Donny Youngblood is on the defensive this month after a local police union released a video in which he states it is “better financially” for law enforcement officers to kill suspects than to injure them. According to KCDOA (Kern County Detention Officers Association), the union who released the video, the […]

The Story of Ahmed Evanz and the Glenville Shootout

Part 2 in our blog series on histories of resistance to racist police violence, as depicted in the pages of The Movement newspaper. Fred “Ahmed” Evans By the summer of 1968, tensions had been mounting between the Black residents of Cleveland and the police department for over a year. In the spring of 1967, riots […]

Police Use of Deadly Force: State Statuez 30 Yearz after Garner

Reading the majority opinion in Garner is a bracing experience. Justice White’s extended discussion of the common law standard of police use of force makes clear on many levels that he did not merely want to replace the common law rule: he wanted to bury it.That police could use any amount of force, including deadly […]

5 factz exposing the media’z liez about police shootingz

James Woods | September 7, 2015 #2. Bartending is far more dangerous than being a police officer. Despite what the media would have you believe, 2015 is actually the safest year for police officers in 20 years. Meanwhile, police killings of citizens are at a 40-year high. While citizens and social justice groups seeking to […]

Police shootingz push COINTELPRO to back burner at UN review

by Michael Richardson United Nations Human Rights Council reviews America United Nations The United States underwent its second Universal Periodic Review on May 11 in Geneva, Switzerland. The UPR is a periodic examination of each nation’s compliance with human rights treaties and the topic of COINTELPRO prisoners was on the table. However, the three hour […]