Amerikan Crime: How Capitalism + White Supremacy Created Chicago’s Black Ghetto

Part 1: Great Migration and the Brutal Reality of the “Promised Land” There would be no United States as we now know it today without slavery. Hoping to escape the bitter poverty and lynch mob terror of the South when they reached the supposed “Promised Land” in cities like Chicago, Black people found themselves exploited […]

Freedom Rider: When Police Kill White People

by Margaret Kimberley  Freedom Rider: When Police Kill White People “Are whites so committed to the modern day slave patrol that they will allow no one justice, even those who look like them?” On rare occasions there is some justice in this country. The white South Carolina police officer who shot Walter Scott in the […]

Juneteenth: A Celebration and Commitment to Fight for Liberation

Fri. June 23rd at 7:30 PM 2936 W. 8th Street in Los Angeles More than 150 years ago the 13th amendment, although not all at once, broke the shackles of slavery that clutched at the ankles of Black people. Since then, June 19th has rightfully been a cause for celebration, inspiring numerous festivals and parades […]

50 years later – What can the Black Panther Party (BPP) teach a new generation of revolutionariez?

  By Danny Shaw Fifty years ago in October 1966, the Black Panther party exploded onto the political scene in the United States, striking fear into the racist ruling class and inspiring a new generation of revolutionaries to “seize the time.” Today, there is a renewed interest in the Panthers and what they stood for. […]

California: For rich people only?

First Nationz, Black, Brown and poor people across the state resist the Apartheid state of displacement, police terror and plantation prisonz by Lisa Garcia, aka Tiny “Is Cali 4 Rich People Only? Don’t be fooled / They want you in jail, the ground or dead, homey / Before the colonizers came, we loved our Mama […]

Join the Oscar Lopez Rivera Contingent on May Day!

JOIN The Oscar Lopez Rivera Contingent on May Day! Friday May 1st, 2015 Union Square 5pm: Contingent comes together in front of the Staples on Union Square located at 5 Union Square West 5:30pm:  We march with our brothers and sisters in the Labor and the Immigration rights movements! Join the Oscar Lopez Rivera Contingent […]

‘Notez from an Elder: Response against Police Terror’

As I watch the march of history the forces of resistance are rising to meet the present challenges of police terror. The question is will demonstrations be enough? The outbreak of civilian demonstrations and acts of civil disobedience even in the face of outright military state mobilization has forced corporate media to stubbornly try to […]

TOMORROW: Dick Gregory To Speak @ Brooklyn Forum On Police Terror & The Assassinationz Of The (2) NYPD Cops

News You Can Use! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SAVE  THE  DATE  &  PLEASE  COME  EARLY  TO  GET  A  SEAT!   Legendary Human Rights Activist Dick Gregory Will Speak To The Black Community @ A Very Special United African Movement Forum On Police Terror & The Recent Shooting Assassinations Of The (2) NYPD Brooklyn Based Cops On …    TUESDAY, DECEMBER 30, […]