Prison Lives Matter: In the Spirit of Nelson Mandela

July 18 Call to Action by Kwame Shakur For the past year, we have been working to organize and grow the Prison Lives Matter Campaign in an attempt to rebuild and strengthen the prison movement in this kkkountry. We must continue this momentum following last years’ PLM demonstration in Indianapolis and the Millions for Prisoners […]

Lucasville Uprising defendants ‘remain unbroken’

By Martha Grevatt April 11 marked the 25th anniversary of the Lucasville Uprising. What began as a peaceful protest over the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility’s plans to force Muslim inmates to take a skin prick tuberculosis test that would expose them to alcohol quickly turned into a full-scale rebellion. Ten hostages — nine inmates and a […]

MOVE Parole Update

ONA MOVE Today it was brought to our attention by Our Brother Eddie Africa that Guards at SCI Mahanoy did  a thorough search of his cell. Upon their search, guards confiscated several letters written to Eddie by Fellow MOVE Political Prisoner Janet Africa, who has authorized approval from the superintendent of her prison to write […]

Monday April 16th The People vs The PA Parole Board

ONA MOVE First we would like to take the time to thank everyone that made phone calls, sent faxes, tweets, and emails on behalf of The Move 9 Sisters, as this is the first phase in our push for parole. As we had addressed earlier, Governor Wolf has indeed made changes to the parole board […]

May 2018 Parole Hearings For The Move 9 Sisters

ONA MOVE In May 2018  Janet, Janine, and Debbie Africa all will be making yet another appearance before The Pennsylvania Parole Board. In 2016 all three of the women were denied parole and given a two year hit, despite having excellent conduct records, home and employment plans, and once again the recommendation of the prison […]

Monthly Politikal Prisoner of War’ (POW’s) Roster

  The following is a list of our ‘fallen champions’ who lost their lives in the service of our People/Nation. May we honor them, in ‘the cause of Truth and Justice’, by paying the highest tribute we can give by bringing the struggle for which they sacrficed their lives to a satisfactory conclusion.  And may […]

Comrade Malik in Texas stands in Solidarity with the Hunger Strikers at the Allred Unit in Iowa Park, Texas

  By Keith ‘Malik’ Washington Revolutionary Greetings Comrades! There is a hunger strike going on right now at the Allred-Ad-Seg Unit which is located in Iowa Park, Texas. There is a High Security Unit in Iowa Park, Texas and my comrade and fellow IWOC member Xinachtili also known as Alvaro Luna Hernandez is housed there. A […]

MXCC 22nd Annual PP/POW Dinner January 27, 2018

              On Saturday, January 27th, the Malcolm X Commemoration Committee will host its 22nd Annual Dinner Tribute To Our Political Prisoners And Their Families.             This will take place for the first time at All Souls Church Community Room, located at Lexington Avenue and 80th Street in Manhattan.             The event will take place from 3-7pm. Dinner served promptly at 4pm.             This year’s […]

The Heat is On! Florida Prisoners Receive No Protection From Deadly Heat

by Kevin “Rashid” Johnson In the Heat of the Moment  On June 22, 2017 I was transferred from the Texas Department of Criminal (In)Justice (TDCJ) to the Florida Department of Corruption (FDOC).  I was initially confined at the Reception and Medical center (RMC), which houses and treats Florida’s most medically vulnerable and chronically ill prisoners.  One […]

Upcoming Parole Actions for The Move 9: January 8th, 9th , and 10th

In 2008 The Move 9 all became eligible for parole, completing their minimum sentence of 30 years of a 30 to 100 year sentence. We are now in the year 2018, ten years after The Move 9 have reached their minimum and not one of the remaining imprisoned MOVE members have been paroled from prison. […]