Urgent Medical Campaign for Political Prisoner Robert Seth Hayes

As people know, ensuring that Robert Seth Hayes receives adequate medical care has been an ongoing struggle over the past 20 years. Seth reports that, when he went to change the sensor on his insulin pump (sensors must be changed every 6 days) on February 23, 2018, he was informed that Sullivan did not have […]

Omali Yeshitela on Politikal Prisoners (PP)

We should never forget prisoners in any case, but we ought to be especially public about our reverence and concern for political prisoners, says Omali Yeshitela. source: Omali Yeshitela on Political Prisoners 

Veronza Bowers is Cancer Free!

Greetings Everyone!! I just heard from Veronza Bowers and he got a clean bill of health from his Dr. today. Not a cancer cell in his body! Send him some Solstice Greetings and love! Paulette Veronza Bowers #35316-136 FMC Butner Box 1600 Butner, NC 27509


“FRAMED” Chapter 8 by Michael Richardson

“Frightening sound of a riot pump shotgun lock and load…” —Edward Poindexter describing encounter with Omaha police   The new year started with the Midwestern United Front Against Fascism conference in Omaha. Black Panthers from Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois, North Dakota and Missouri attended. Approximately one hundred and fifty participants were on hand for the […]

The Speech That Opens All Eyez On Me: Behind The Scenes With Dhoruba Bin-Wahad

Dhoruba bin-Wahad was back with us this time to discuss the context and history of the speech he gave in 1990 on the occasion of Nelson Mandela‘s release and visit to New York City, an excerpt of which is now heard opening the film All Eyez On Me.   source: The Speech That Opens All Eyez On Me: Behind […]

Blog #44: Carnage

Blog #44: Carnage Like many, I was horrified when I heard about the children killed at the Ariana Grande concert, followed by the rampage in London. The increasing incessant violence in the name of Islam, the murdering of non-combatant civilians, is WRONG! Generally speaking, it scars the beautiful face of Islam, making it appear ugly […]

Update from PP Robert Seth Hayes

NYC Jericho received a phone call from Seth on Wednesday, April 5, 2017. He called to inform us that DOCCS is finally beginning to train him and Sullivan medical staff in the use of the insulin pump/monitor. He would have begun training today, but the individual had only brought the pump, not the monitor, so […]

Pack the Court in Philadelphia Monday, April 24th to Free Mumia Abu Jamal

PP/POW Updatez and Announcements – 28 Mar 2017

NOTE: If you send the packets to the following, they have been moved: Patrice Lumumba Ford moved: Patrice Ford #96639-011 FDC Seatac Post Office Box 13900 Seattle, Washington 98198 Skelly moved: Joshua Stafford #57976-060 USP Coleman II Post Office Box 1034 Coleman, Florida  33521 Ruchelle Magee moved: Ruchell Magee #A92051 B3-138 California Mens Colony Post […]