Mumia Abu Jamal on “Sex Wars”

  The scandals of Hollywood’s so-called “casting couch” have burst forth like a river, said the nation’s best known political prisoner, “and the names of nationally known politicians began to fill the air.” Mumia Abu Jamal believes a real “movement” is afoot. “We are seeing the extraordinary costs” of the casting couch, he said, “but this time, […]

13 of Our Favorite Books On Black Resistance and Revolution

DAMOLA DUROSOMO Here are 13 of the most influential books about resistance and revolution by black visionaries. This month at OkayAfrica, we’re celebrating Black revolution—icons and movements throughout history that have fostered revolutionary thinking and encouraged social progress. Black history is filled with an abundance of brave, era-defining artists, writers, politicians and more who’ve embodied […]

The Pedagogy of Hip Hop: Underground Soundtracks for Dissecting & Confronting the Power Structure

Disclaimer: The language expressed in this article is an uncensored reflection of the views of the artists as they so chose to speak and express themselves. Censoring their words would do injustice to the freedom of expression and political content this article intends to explore. Therefore, some of the language appearing below may be offensive […]

Walter Rodney and the Racial Underpinningz of Global Inequality

  While inequality has become a topic of increased popularity and politicization in recent years, most of the attention has focused on how 1% own an increasingly large share of the world’s wealth, rather than on inequalities between nations. In a global context in which national borders and citizenship pose few barriers to the mobility […]

Paying Homage

By Quiet Storm June, 2013 To the Fallen But Not Forgotten. How do you say “Thank you” to the men and women that sacrificed Life and Freedom for the voiceless, oppressed and the generations to come? You say “Thank you” by simply using your voice to ask the million dollar question to the Politicians and […]

Manifesto on rebuilding New Afrikan people, familiez and communitiez

by Mutope Duguma If we are to survive in the 21st century, we’ve got to get back to who and what we were, not what each of us is destined to be individually. Because in the 21st century, people are moving forward collectively throughout the world. It is the only way we are going to […]