End the isolation of Jamil Al-Amin (formerly H. Rap Brown)

Open Letter to the Bureau of Prisons and State of Georgia by Concerned Academics We are academics who have spent our careers researching the history of the civil rights movement, issues of racial discrimination in the United States, civil rights law, and the representation of minorities in the public sphere. We strongly believe that deepening […]


PLEASE POST AND SPREAD WIDELY I just received a call from Ori Lumumba regarding Robert Seth Hayes (#74A2280). As many of you know, Seth has had a chronic cough since May of this year for which he did not receive any diagnosis or treatment for many months. When Seth finally saw the pulmonologist at Coxsackie […]

Komradez hail hero and martyr Hugo Pinell

Sending a raised Black fist & and a Warrior’z shout out to thoze that came to the aide of Big Brother Komrade Hugo ‘Yogi’ Pinell. Yogi Livez az doez Komrade George Jackson. Letters continue to pour in to the Bay View from prisoners who remember the great Hugo “Yogi” Pinell as a hero and a […]

An Evening of Remembering Assata & U.S. held Politikal Prisonerz!

11-2-2015 marks 36 years since Assata Shakur was liberated from prison.   Bring those comments, quotes and/or writings of Assata that left the greatest impression on you and share them as we contemplate, reflect and actively discuss ways to rebuild, revive and resume the movement she and her liberators started four (4) decades ago.   When: […]

Leonard Peltier Born-day Message

​ September 12, 2015 Greetings everyone, Well, today is another b-day for me — my 71st. I had hoped I would not be here at this age, but that’s not to be. So, I have to take a deep breathe and slowly let it out… and prepare myself for yet another day in here. February […]


INTERNATIONAL CAMPAIGN TO PREVENT RETALIATORY TRANSFER!  MUMIA ALERT  ! Phone Calls Needed Now – September 8, 2015  MUMIA FACES RETALIATORY TRANSFER     September 7, 2015. Two days ago, prison staff boxed-up all Mumia’s personal effects from his cell while he was in the prison infirmary trying to recover from the prison’s medical malfeasance and neglect that nearly […]

Defying the Tomb, Defying Illogic

Jared A. Ball *Originally published as a radio column 09/20/2011 Earlier this year when we received word of an attempt by Maryland prison officials to ban the recently published book by former Black Panther Party leader and current political prisoner Marshall “Eddie” Conway, we were reminded of the immediacy of the threat ideas can represent […]

Former Politikal Prisoner Sekou Odinga Speakz

We are in a long and protracted Struggle that will not end until we are all free. Sekou Odinga   Free The Land Former prisoner of war and political prisoner Sekou Odinga speaks on his political life, his case, the case of political prisoner Albert Woodfox, and his thoughts on the music of his son […]

Russell ‘Maroon’ Shoatz Health Update: Radiation Treatments Over

My primary report is that I have continued with the radiation therapy, at the same cancer center, for the entire month of April and into the first day of May, 2015. Furthermore, there is movement on another major health concern regarding my right eye. In addition to weathering common symptoms of the treatment, the fatigue […]