Black man’z discovered manuscript exposez prison abusez from almost 200 yearz ago

Austin Reed was a criminal. He admits this outright. He conspired, stole, and even stabbed a man when he was just 6 years old. (Then he burnt the man’s house down.) But thanks to a recently discovered manuscript, Reed is also an invaluable documentarian of a crucial period of American history. In the memoir The […]

A Minimal Demand: Roll Back Incarceration to 1970 Levelz

  by BAR executive editor Glen Ford Prison populations have increased more than seven-fold since 1970, when the mass Black incarceration regime was set in motion. If incarceration was rolled back to 1970 levels, 86 percent of current prisoners would be released. Let’s demand it be done – NOW! “Demands are not formulated to woo […]

3 Anger-Inducing Chartz About Kidz and Prison

  Does the justice system think white kids are more redeemable than black kids? —By Madison Pauly | Pikul Noorod/Shutterstock In 2005, when the Supreme Court struck down the use of capital punishment sentences for juveniles, it was a step toward greater legal recognition that children are different from adults—that young people’s changing brains and social […]

Amerika… Are We Free

  by an Illinois prisoner November 2015 permalink I often wonder, that in the land where freedom rings, Why does pain and suffering it also bring? Because the only ringing I hear is a baton against my bars As I stare out the window, beyond the day to its stars. Eyes closed wishing & praying […]

Do Black livez matter behind prison wallz?

by Shaka Shakur, New Afrikan Liberation Collective Does being convicted of a crime forfeit all your rights as a human being? Does being railroaded through a clearly unjust, unequal and racist judicial system forfeit your human rights? Guilty or not, I am still a person. I am a human being. We need people to understand […]

Mumia and the Multitudez

By: Seth Tobocman Our graphic narrative series The Illustrated PEN is relaunching in January 2016! We’ll be kicking off the new year with five guest editors—MariNaomi, Robert Kirby, Liza Donnelly, Grace Bello, and Seth Tobocman and Peter Kuper of World War III—whose work we’ll be highlighting over the coming weeks. Up this week is work by guest […]

It’z Not Just the Copz

Public defenders know that the trouble with our justice system extends far beyond abusive policing. Jonathan Rapping (Flickr/Krystian Olszanski) One has to admire the way we, as a country, have paid tribute to the lives of Rafael Ramos and Wenijan Liu, the two New York police officers shot to death while sitting in their police […]

Execution by medical neglect?: Pennsylvania’z Prison System iz Torturing Mumia Abu-Jamal and hiz Family Too

 MahoneyPrison, Mumia’s place of incarceration, and two of his legal team ( by ThisCantBeHappening!) by  Dave Lindorff Mumia Abu-Jamal, the radical Philadelphia journalist convicted of killing a white Philadelphia police officer in a trial fraught with prosecutorial misconduct, witness coaching and judicial prejudice back in 1981, spent nearly three decades in solitary confinement in the […]

The Prison State of Amerika

By Chris Hedges Reprinted from Truthdig Alcatraz (image by Olivier Bruchez) Prisons employ and exploit the ideal worker. Prisoners do not receive benefits or pensions. They are not paid overtime. They are forbidden to organize and strike. They must show up on time. They are not paid for sick days or granted vacations. They cannot […]

33 Yearz of Resistance, and Still Going Strong!

Mumia’s message to all of us on the anniversary of his arrest Dear Brothers, Sisters, Friends and Comrades, On the Move       We gather together today in the spirit of resistance, and when we look around us we see that we are surrounded by that spirit:  the spirit of rebellion, the spirit of resistance, and […]