Pennsylvania prisoner fights toxic prisons

By Bryant Arroyo This is the lightly edited text of a speech given for the Fight Toxic Prisons 2017 National Convergence Conference, held June 3 in Denton/Ft. Worth, Texas. Arroyo’s remarks were recorded for the occasion by Prison Radio. Hello there, environmentalists, ecologists, bioneers, blue-gold/rain forest protectors, movers/shakers, GMO opponents, Green Tech innovators, Indigenous leaders […]

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What Does It Mean? (1:09) Mumia Abu-Jamal The Second Death of Philando (2:01) Mumia Abu-Jamal A Nation At War With Itself (2:01) Mumia Abu-Jamal Honoring Oscar Lopez Rivera (2:52) Kerry “Shakaboona” Marshall Philly Judges Seek Legal Lynching (3:45) Kerry “Shakaboona” Marshall Excerpt 2 (3:53) Ozzie Mann Wright

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When Systems Fail (2:45) Mumia Abu-Jamal Excerpt 1 (1:55) Ozzie Mann Wright Fight Toxic Prisons (6:13) Bryant Arroyo House Bill 135 (2:54) Omar Askia Ali Larry Krasner, The People’s Champ (3:29) Kerry “Shakaboona” Marshall Millions March On D.C. (3:36) Kerry “Shakaboona” Marshall Excerpt 2 (3:53) Ozzie Mann Wright

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Sunshine In Palestine (2:16) Mumia Abu-Jamal Fight Toxic Prisons (3:14) Bryant Arroyo Music Of The Movement (2:02) Mumia Abu-Jamal Pressure On Philly DA (2:54) Omar Askia Ali Larry Krasner, The People’s Champ (3:29) Kerry “Shakaboona” Marshall Millions March On D.C. (3:36) Kerry “Shakaboona” Marshall Brokenness, but I’m Still Winning The War (3:59) Rev. Edward Pinkney

Defend Jaan Laaman: Political prisoner censored, segregated

By Prison Radio Jaan Laaman, lifelong, left political activist, political prisoner and Prison Radio correspondent, has been put in the SHU (Segregated Housing Unit) at the U.S. Penitentiary in Tucson, Ariz., after months of escalating censorship and increased repression. Laaman was sent to the SHU because of two short messages recorded for Prison Radio. One, […]

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Palestinian Prisoners: Your Hunger is Resistance (2:36) Shakaboona American Is Watching Israel’s Prison (2:31) Shakaboona Prisoner’s Families Give Krasner the Win (3:11) Shakaboona Politics and the Will to Power (2:32) Mumia Abu-Jamal The Fall (3:02) Mumia Abu-Jamal Chris Hedges Interviews Mumia Abju Jamal (6:35) Mumia Abu-Jamal Candidates for Philly’s DEA (1:55) Omar Aski Ali

Mumia: Back to the Bad Old Days

  Mumia Abu Jamal, the nation’s best known political prisoner, recalled being beaten up by cops, as a 14 year-old, in 1968 Philadelphia. It was “a little taste of [former mayor and police chief] Rizzo, and “an introduction to Trump,” Abu Jamal told journalist Chris Hedges, host of the RT program “On Contact.” “I lived […]

Liberation Theology: A March to Freedom

“My son, the Holy Church is on the right, but Jesus Christ was always on the left.”  -Isabel Allende  Liberation Theology: A March to Freedom explores the conceptual framework of “liberation theology” — a branch of Theology developed by Catholics and Christians looking to examine the church’s role in society, to address the socio-political and […]

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Affirmations by Asata Shakur (1:25) Melvin RayIntro to Faith Of Our Fathers (5:30) Reverend Cone Rochester, NY, and John Africa Trial (4:09) Mumia Abu-Jamal Mumia’s Message for MOVE (1:55) Mumia Abu-Jamal Message for Lynn Stewart (2:54) Mumia Abu-Jamal Neoliberal’s Utopia & Nightmare (3:59) Mumia Abu-Jamal source:

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Mumia’s Commentaries Regarding the Williams’s case. Butter Scores (Terrence Williams gets Supreme Court Victory) (2:14) Mumia Abu-Jamal Ode to Butter (1:58) Mumia Abu-Jamal Butter Gets to Breathe (1:35) Mumia Abu-Jamal