Prison Radio Commentaries

Blessed  (2:00)  Jamil Pirant Fighting From Within  (2:33) Donte Mitchell About Me  (1:43) Donte Mitchell Restricted Movement Unit (5:05) Khalfani Malik Khaldun Babies In Chains (1:38) Mumia Abu-Jamal How Long (6:14) Karim Charles Diggs UFD (2:02) Dontie Mitchell Chementi….Settled?  (2:52) Mumia Abu-Jamal Your Word Should Be Your Bond (4:31) Omar Askia Ali Lost City Magazine […]

Prison Radio Kommentaries

Mumia’s Statement On Victory (:45) Mumia Abu-Jamal Babies in Chains  (1:38) Mumia Abu-Jamal How Long (6:14) Karim Charles Diggs UFD (2:02) Dontie Mitchell Chementi….Settled?  (2:52) Mumia Abu-Jamal Your Word Should Be Your Bond (4:31) Omar Askia Ali Lost City Magazine (1:43) Lisa Strawn Juvenile Justice Reform  (1:13)  Jamil Parenti

Mumia on the Twilight of Empire

The US became the world’s sole superpower “without a mask,” said the nation’s best known political prisoner. “We saw its true, angry, contemptuous face snarling at the Third World, hostile to its European ancestors, and dismissive of Latin America,” said Mumia Abu Jamalin a report for Prison Radio.

Prison Radio Commentaries

My Trial Through the Criminal Justice System (5:40) Anastazia Schmid Ramona Fights for Life (1:49) Mumia Abu-Jamal Linking Movements (3:15) Kerry Shakaboona Marshall The Politics of Judges (2:23) Mumia Abu-Jamal A Force for Change  (4:10) Omar Askia Ali National Awareness of Domestic Violence  (3:40) Charles Diggs

Prison Radio Commentaries

The D.O.C. Goes Cuckoo (1:51) Mumia Abu-Jamal Strike Supporter Occupation (2:11) Kevin Rashid Johnson Prison Health in an Unhealthy Place (2:33) Mumia Abu-Jamal The Business of Prisons (5:14) Omar Askia Ali  Domestic Violence (2:33) Charles Diggs To Free or Not to Free (2:11) Kerry Shakaboona Marshall Corrections to “Man Power” (2:21) Mumia-Abu-Jamal Man Power (2:21) Mumia-Abu-Jamal The […]

Prison Radio Kommentaries

8/20/18 The New World (2:09) Charles Diggs 8/19/18 Immigration Nation (2:19) Mumia Abu-Jamal 8/17/18 Aretha 1942-2018 (2:44) Mumia Abu-Jamal 8/17/18 Is Administration of Justice Fair in America? (5:02) Charles Diggs 8/15/18 Foreword to Follow the Money (4:03) Mumia Abu-Jamal 8/15/18 Message from Mexico’s Indigenous Mountains (2:14) Mumia Abu-Jamal


“FOR THE ANTI-POLICE TERROR COURT DATE OF THE DECADE” MILLIONS FOR MUMIA – II On Thursday Black August 30th, 2018  Pack The Philadelphia Courthouse @ 1301 Filbert Street @ 8:00 am; To Expose And Put An End The 37 Year Long Philadelphia Police & D.A. Frame Up To Finally Get A New Trial To Free Revolutionary Journalist & […]

Mumia Abu Jamal on How Trump Thinks He’s King

Listen to story: Download: mp3 (Duration: 3:09 — 5.8MB) FEATURING MUMIA ABU JAMAL – A new poll by Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research has found that Americans overwhelmingly disapprove of presidential self-pardons. Eighty five percent of Americans surveyed think it would be wrong for a president caught committing a crime to pardon him- or herself. […]

Murder Incorporated: Empire, Genocide, and Manifest Destiny

Listen to story: Download: mp3 (Duration: 11:56 — 10.9MB) FEATURING MUMIA ABU-JAMAL – A new book authored by Stephen Vittoria and political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal, explores the history of the United States and takes on the myth that the US is a beacon for freedom and democracy. Murder Incorporated: Empire, Genocide, and Manifest Destiny is actually […]

Prison Radio Kommentaries

Restricted Housing Unit (2:01) Dennis Solo McKeithan Rev. James Cone: Father of Black Liberation Movement (2:47) Mumia Abu-Jamal Measured Justice (3:18) Terry Harper Murder Inc. The Colony He Helped found (8:36) Mumia Abu-Jamal Goodnight Kiilu (1:49) Mumia Abu-Jamal Toward A New Jerusalem (6:27) Mumia Abu-Jamal Charles Goldburg’s Nightmare (2:35) Mumia Abu-Jamal Eastern Kentucky Environmental Forum […]