When Courtz Are Used Az A Weapon Against The Innocent

by Lorenzo Johnson First published on the Huffington Post, July 12, 2016 A courtroom is a place where justice is supposed to be served. More and more, however, courts are becoming crime scenes — here, innocent people are being kidnapped and held captive. There’s no justification for the wrongdoing behind the record number of exonerations […]

Revolutionary Daily Thought

“To some degree slavery has always been outlawed and condemned on the outside by the hypocritical mockery of chattering lips. But on the inside and prisons where slavery is embedded and proudly displayed as a Western way of life and a privilege of God himself slavery is condoned on all of its numerous levels.”   Ruchell […]

Written Behind Barz, Thiz 1850z Memoir Linkz Prisonz To Plantationz

http://www.npr.org/2016/02/26/467805819/written-behind-bars-this-1850s-memoir-links-prisons-to-plantations Austin Reed was an indentured servant who set fire to his employer’s farmhouse after he was whipped for “idleness.” Reed was sent to The House of Refuge, the nation’s first juvenile reformatory, and later sentenced to serve in New York’s Auburn State Prison (above) in 1840. Courtesy of Penguin Random House At an estate […]

Revolutionary Daily Thought

“… we must make great strides, reorganizing ourselves to embrace the difficulties we face. I have no solutions but I will say this: There are some great political minds contained in America’s prisons, which are growing old as their era of life departs, this resource needs to be tapped before it expires. Do not abandon […]

Georgia, land of peanutz, pecanz and prisonz, haz alwayz been a penal colony

by  Kelevin J. Stevenson Thanks for all the help you have given me in getting my story out and the story of all the comrades suffering in this slave system. The reason the Bay View is not hearing from prisoners here in Georgia is because the Georgia Department of Corrections has taken deliberate steps to […]

Amid A Shortage Of Welderz, Some Prisonz Offer Training

by  Susanna Capelouto Inmates Ted Stancil (from left), Steven Bass and Christopher Peeples, with their welding Instructor Jeremy Worley (standing in center) at Walker State Prison in Georgia. The inmates are working toward a welding certificate. Susanna Capelouto/WABE America needs more welders — and soon. Baby boomers with the skill are retiring and not enough […]

Hugo Pinell was assassinated under color of law

August 17, 2015 A TRIBUTE TO HUGO PINELL FROM THE REMAINING SAN QUENTIN 6! LONG LIVE COMRADE HUGO! A PEOPLE’S HERO!  The people who run prisonz must be the world’z ultimate sadistic bastardz, putting people in sardine canz and expecting them upon release to suddenly become productive citizenz iz tantamount to shooting someone and then […]

Photoz of new Albert Woodfox mural in New Orleanz by artist B-Mike w/ Amnesty Intl. USA

Featured below are photos of the new Albert Woodfox mural in New Orleans, Louisiana, painted by artist Brandan “B-Mike” Odums in conjunction with Amnesty International USA (sign Amnesty’s ongoing petition for Albert here). The photos below are taken by Amnesty USA and the A3 Coalition. Read the July 3 NOLA Times Picayune article to learn […]