Lucasville Hunger Strike to End Solitary Confinement

by an Ohio prisoner      permalink Revolutionary greetings! We write to further enlighten you on the progress of our hunger strike at the Southern Ohio Corrections Facility in the state of Ohio. Since you were last informed, other comrades have joined our cause to end solitary confinement and psychological torture in prisons all across […]

The Vortex of Dementia

By Abdul Olugbala Shakur  Transcribed by Kilaika Baruti Though I have been active in the struggle for practically all of my life, from a Panther cub to an Urban guerrilla in the service of the underground, I have never considered myself to be a writer or at least not a good writer, but I felt it […]

New California prison censorship rulez ban ‘Windowz 7 4 Seniorz 4 Dummiez’ and ‘Your Child’z Development from Birth to Adolescence’ az too hot for prisonerz

by Kim Rohrbach On April 30, the Office of Administrative Law gave the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation its approval on amended censorship regulations proposed by the department over a year ago. The amended regulations as approved and now in effect are essentially identical to those the department originally put forward on March 25, […]

Pennsylvania prison barz Bay View; prisoner fightz back – and winz

by George Rahsaan Brooks-Bey Open letter to prison administration: At the outset, it must be clearly understood that barring an issue of the Bay View severely burdens the First Amendment rights of innocent third parties by a racist and prejudiced committee whose intent is to bar a Black newspaper from communicating with Black prisoners. The […]

Humanity indicted for our silence in the face of torture

by Abdul Olugbala Shakur As imprisoned activists we’ve often asked society: What have your eyes seen to wish to see no more? And what have your ears heard to wish to hear no more? Your self-imposed silence has only fueled the government’s thirst for fascist repression, and this repression has manifested on every level of […]

What Would Compel a Man to Try to Cut His Own Face Off?

I recently witnessed a man try to cut his own face off. For me this wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, but as it played out, I imagined the reactions and questions that might arise in the mind of someone in society if they’d observed the same. They would probably wonder in shock, “What sort […]

Nurse fired for speaking out: ‘I am on a mission to stop torture at CDCR’

by Paul Spector, RN, EMT-P, Capt. U.S. Army Ret. I’ve been a nurse since 1984, a paramedic firefighter and group home manager before that. My training is in inner city ER nursing. I also do floor, ICU and disaster response. I’ve worked in Tampa, Oakland and San Francisco; I’m a Red Cross volunteer and was […]


Current status of Puerto Rican Political Prisoner Norberto Gonzalez Claudio NORBERTO GONZALEZ CLAUDIO NEEDS YOUR SOLIDARITY Puerto Rican Political Prisoner Norberto Gonzalez Claudio continues to be in solitary confinement and can’t contact family and lawyers in the federal prison in Coleman, Fl. On Monday November 10th, Norberto’s attorney, Jan Susler, got a phone call from him; […]

Abu Jihad: A living, fighting museum for prisoner movement affairz

by Midnight Jones You may take the last strip of my land, Feed my youth to prison cells. You may plunder my heritage. You may burn my books and poems Or feed my flesh to dogs … O enemy of the sun, But I shall not compromise And to the last pulse in my veins […]