Dismantle the Pipeline: A Review of Susan Anglada Bartley’s “A Different Vision: A Revolution Against Racism in Public Education” (Luminare Press)

School was always a breeze for me. “Correct English” came naturally–it was the way people spoke at home. As for social studies, I was well-versed in the mythology of American democracy that masqueraded as “history.” My parents instilled confidence that I could excel at science and math, which they saw as a career path for […]

Post-Racial Myth Perpetuates Racism and White Privilege

Those who feel America is a post-racial society tend to be either die-hard conservatives,  or so naïve, they might believe there are snow-capped mountains in Florida.  But by any measure, public education, the criminal injustice system, poverty, etc., White privilege and its cohort racism, remain the prime barriers to Blacks receiving actual justice and equality. Unfortunately, Blacks […]

Revolutionary Daily Thought

“[The aim of public education iz not] to fill the young of the speciez with knowledge and awaken their intelligence. . . . Nothing could be further from the truth. The aim . . . iz simply to reduce as many individualz az possible to the same safe level, to breed and train a standardized […]

Racial Segregation Returnz to US Schoolz, 60 Yearz After the Supreme Court Banned It

  The Conversation / By Paul L. Thomas, Ed.D. Racial Segregation Returns to U  The ideal of educational integration championed in the Brown decision remains far from a reality in America’s schools. Photo Credit: Ron Cogswell (CC) via Flikr.com As the United States approaches the 60th anniversary of the landmark 1954 Brown vs the Board […]