A Bicentennial Without a Puerto Rikan Kolony

by Piri Thomas (1975)   Published in The Crisis, December 1975. As the United States prepared to celebrate the Bicentennial of the American revolution of 1776, anti-imperialists sought to call the nation back to its anti-colonial routes. A focus of many activists was the continuing U.S. control of the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, which […]

A Global Vision: Ana Livia Cordero And The Puerto Rican Liberation Struggle

BY SANDY PLACIDO *This is the final post in our blog series on Women, Gender and Pan-Africanism edited by Keisha N. Blain. Blog posts in this series examine how women and gender have shaped Pan-Africanist movements and discourses in the United States, Europe, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. In this post, Sandy Placido places Dr. Ana Livia Cordero at the […]

Puerto Rican politikal prisoner Oscar López urgently needz to be released from prison

Editorial, El Nuevo Día   http://www.elnuevodia.com/opinion/editoriales/urgeexcarcelaralpresoboricuaoscarlopez-editorial-2261726/   Wise leaders are guided by justice, and a just act is precisely what president Barack Obama should do, granting freedom to U.S. prisoner Oscar López Rivera, whose prolonged imprisonment defies respect for human rights.   What we are asking of the U.S. leader is a humanitarian act that […]

Support Puerto Rico! NYC July 25th Demo!

  Brothers and Sisters, With the recent adoption of the PROMESA legislation, Puerto Rico’s colonial reality has become far more blatant than ever.  The need for popular dissent and solidarity is now; ProLibertad is organizing a rally/picket to denounce the 118th anniversary of the invasion of the island, on Monday July 25th at 26 Federal […]

Puerto Rico – the other debt

English translation follows Spanish   La otra deuda Eduardo Lalo 4 junio 2016 http://www.elnuevodia.com/opinion/columnas/laotradeuda-columna-2206494/   La marcha, realizada el pasado domingo en San Juan, por la liberación de Oscar López Rivera, expresa dos fenómenos: la belleza del pueblo puertorriqueño, que a pesar de todo lo que ha ocurrido en su historia para negarlo, se congrega […]

Letter from Oscar López Rivera to hiz daughter Clarisa on beginning hiz 35th year in US prisonz, May 29, 2016

For the international Day of Solidarity with Oscar López Rivera, June 20, 2016 Projected to take place in 35 countries around the world Dearest Clarisa: What is freedom? Freedom, especially when politicians talk about it, is often stripped of its essence and meaning and is left as inane as the minds and hearts of those […]

A Kick-Azz Afro-Boricua Superhero Comic Will Debut Thiz Fall

“The very DNA of my existence comes from my Puerto Rican identity,” Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez told The Washington Post when discussing his new superhero character, La Borinqueña. And seeing the art director’s body of work, it’s obvious that he takes any chance he can to rep his PR roots. Go on his website, and you’ll be greeted with Puerto Rican flags. Check […]

Independentista Orlando González Claudio arrested – deniez participation in attack – explainz how the FBI arrested him for DNA testz.

Independentista detenido rechaza participación en atentado Cuenta cómo los federales lo arrestaron para hacerle pruebas de ADN martes, 26 de abril de 2016 – 9:56 AM http://www.elnuevodia.com/noticias/seguridad/nota/independentistadetenidorechazaparticipacionenatentado-2191751/ (rough translation) Independentista arrested – denies participation in attack – explains how the FBI arrested him for DNAtests. The independentista Orlando Gonzalez explained how agents of the Federal […]

The Retributive Incarceration of Oscar López Rivera

TITO CARABALLO/FLICKR Oscar López Rivera is a political prisoner who at 74 years of age has served 34 years in American prisons, 12 of them in consecutive solitary confinement, because of his ideas. Sentenced to 55 years for seditious conspiracy in 1981 and an additional 15 years for conspiracy to escape in 1987, López Rivera […]

Cuba, War and Ana Belen Montez

  by W. T. WHITNEY The U.S. government has imprisoned Ana Belen Montes for almost 15 years. Now an international campaign on her behalf is gaining steam with committees active in Latin America, Europe, Canada, and the United States. Arrested by the FBI two weeks after September 11, 2001, and charged with conspiring to commit espionage […]