Exit the Dragon Episode 1

From a komrade behind the wallz (gulag) of North Amerikkka. Live Interview from behind the Wall, Mississippi. On this live interview, Kilaika Baruti speaks with Brother Darius, who shares with us true accounts of his life before prison and what life is like for him and other Afrikan men being held at facilities in Mississippi. […]

Beyond Innocence: US Politikal Prisonerz n the Fight Against Mass Incarceration

by Dan Berger (Photo: Barbed Wire via Shutterstock) source: http://www.truth-out.org/news/item/32043-beyond-innocence-america-s-political-prisoners-and-the-fight-against-mass-incarceration President Obama’s recent statements about mass incarceration, together with his decision to commute the sentences of 46 people serving lengthy and life sentences in federal prison on drug charges, treat “nonviolent drug offenders” as the symbolic figureheads of America’s prison problem. This framing seems to […]

‘This iz a Movement, Not a Moment’

By Sonali Kolhatkar   Activist Jasmine Richards talks about Black Lives Matter with Sonali Kolhatkar in Pasadena. (“Uprising” via YouTube) On July 24, the Movement for Black Lives National Convening will bring bringing together activists from all over the United States, organizing under the banner of Black Lives Matter. The organization will meet in Cleveland. […]

How Racist Iz Solitary Confinement?

It hardly bears repeating that people of color are incarcerated in staggering numbers. But a new study authored by health officials with the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) shows that racial disparities in jail run far deeper: black and Hispanic inmates are vastly more likely to be punished with solitary […]

‘TDCJ placed me in harm’z way because I spoke out in reference to the extreme heat’

by Keith ‘Malik’ Washington Greetings, brothers and sisters. This year in Texas we have seen a marked increase in the exposure of heinous acts of abuse and mis­treatment perpetrated by state employees who work for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Behind the scenes, the prisoners responsible for this massive movement to combat injustice have […]

Mental Illness and Jailz: Race Is Left Out of the Equation

I image: Prison hall, profile in thought via Shutterstock; Edited: JR/TO) By James Kilgore In 1843, social justice crusader Dorothea Dix went before the Massachusetts Legislature with the intention of addressing an acute problem of the day: the incarceration of people with mental illness. Her declaration to the assembly highlighted the “state of Insane Persons,” […]

New Lynching Documentation In 12 Southern Statez Revealz Horrifying New Total

“Blacks were lynched for knocking on a white woman’s door, refusing to remove an Army uniform after World War II and bumping into a white girl while running for a train. Often the hangings became public carnivals designed to instill fear.” I may-not be the most “interesting” man in the world, but I do have […]

Self-Defense of Black Livez DOEZ Matter

The stars and bars are not the substance of white supremacy itself. They are a deliberately odious signifier of the bloody suppression of black bodies, aspirations and lives from the end of Reconstruction and to the dawn of the Freedom movement of the 1950s and 60s. Some of the flag’s groupies are and always have […]


THE CONFEDERATE FLAG WAS DESIGNED FOR RACISM W.T. Thompson, the flag’s designer, referred to his design as “The White Man’s Flag”. IT WAS/IS THE “WHITE MAN’S FLAG”!!! In referring to the white field that comprised a large part of the flag’s design elements, Thompson stated that its color symbolized the “supremacy of the white man”. […]

Coard: July 4th celebration an Amerikan hypocrisy

   by Michael Coard The Confederate flag, originally adopted in 1861, symbolizes racist oppression as evidenced by southern slavery. The United States flag, originally adopted in 1777, symbolizes racist oppression as evidenced by American slavery. In fact, one third of the 56 Founding Fathers who signed the Declaration of Independence enslaved Blacks. Furthermore, Thomas Jefferson, […]