How Paul Robeson Found His Politikal Voice in the Welsh Valleys

Paul Robeson – African American singer, movie star, Broadway actor, freedom fighter and socialist -built his singing career in the teeth of racism in the early 1900s. But his radicalism was spurred on in Britain – by a chance meeting with a group of Welsh miners. by  Jeff Sparrow Paul Robeson singing with a choir […]

Revolutionary Daily Thought

Any revolution is going to be a harvest of the dispossessed, the downtrodden and the most radical and violent young men, for the cause of their liberation. People take with them into struggle the legacy of their oppression and the weapons they’ve been taught to use to survive. People learn through the struggle. If it goes […]

Power concedez nothing: A discussion on CDCr’z insidiouz regulatory semanticz and judicial collusion in maintenance of SHU torture unitz

  by NCTT-Cor-SHU “Revolutionary activity in every area of human existence will come about by itself when the contradictions in every new process are comprehended; it will consist of an identification with those forces that are moving in the direction of genuine progress. To be radical … means ‘getting to the root of things.’ If […]

Black History (our story): Amiri Baraka leavez a radical legacy in theater

Julian C. Wilson/AP Poet/activist/playwright Amiri Baraka speaking at 1972  Black Political Convention in Gary, Indiana.      In 1965, AMIRI BARAKA — then LeRoi Jones — wrote a blistering commentary entitled “The Revolutionary Theatre.” The New York Times had commissioned the essay, but editors there refused to publish it, saying they didn’t understand it. Jones […]

Kevin “Rashid” Johnson Transferred From Oregon to Texas

Prison intellectual and radical critic Kevin “Rashid” Johnson has been transferred again. Rashid had been held in Oregon’s Orwellian Snake River Correctional Unit – an unvarnished behavior modification programme – since last 2012. In Oregon he had written a series of articles exposing the racism, medical neglect, and psychological abuse to which prisoners in that […]

40 Years on, 1960s Black Radical Still Suffers Racial and Political Injustice

Sunday, 15 April 2012 08:26 By Rania Khalek The consequences of America’s racist history still linger deep into the present. No one understands this better than Gary Freeman, a 1960s black civil rights activist whose life has been turned upside down by the racial and political injustice perpetuated first by the United States and […]

Radical Black Reading, 2011

Radical Black Reading, 2011 Posted: 27 Dec 2011 02:01 PM PST While post-Black vapors have intoxicated contemporary culture, many of our favorite books of 2011 were part of a wave of scholarship that re-evaluated the Black Arts Movement and the Black Power era and took a second look at a long-ago time when “black” was […]