Why Eminem’s ‘Trump Stomp’ Deserves Critical Examination

by Colin Jenkins Trump or Eminem? The rapper challenged his fans to choose at the 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards. (BETNetworks / YouTube) On Tuesday night, BET aired a 4½-minute Eminem video during its hip-hop awards. The song—which many dubbed a “freestyle,” despite being prerecorded—features the rapper delivering a rhyme that figuratively “stomps” Donald Trump. Filmed in a parking […]

Protest Song Of The Week: ‘Black Is’ by The Last Poets

(Umar Bin Hassan of The Last Poets (Photo by Mário Pires) The NFL commissioner and owners of NFL teams are moving at this hour to restrict and clamp down on football players, who are predominantly black, so they do not protest during the national anthem. This is happening as former coaches like Mike Ditka babble […]

‘The Gentrification Song’ Is The Inner-City Blues Amerika Deserves From Rap

When Biggie Smalls is nearly banished from Bed-Stuy, the writing is on the wall. An outside mural dedicated in 2015 to the deceased hip-hop icon and Brooklyn native Notorious B.I.G. barely avoided permanent removal last month after the building’s landlord threatened to do away with it for major renovations. Consider it another anecdote in America’s urban makeover. […]

The Pedagogy of Hip Hop: Underground Soundtracks for Dissecting & Confronting the Power Structure

Disclaimer: The language expressed in this article is an uncensored reflection of the views of the artists as they so chose to speak and express themselves. Censoring their words would do injustice to the freedom of expression and political content this article intends to explore. Therefore, some of the language appearing below may be offensive […]

Movement Musik Tribute 2 The Martyrz Variouz Artistz HipHop4Justice

#HIPHOP4JUSTICE PRESENTS •MOVEMENT MUSIC• A Tribute2TheMartyrs [Free14 Track Mixtape] #Justice4MarioWoods http://media.rapstation.com/wavePlayer/waveplay/source/mediaPlayer.php?id=916 …