Here’z What $20 Worth of Marijuana Lookz Like—In Jamaica

Ganja goes for dirt cheap in the land of reggae and Rastas. By Phillip Smith / AlterNet Photo Credit: Jared Shomo /   Ah, Jamaica. Just a hop, skip, and jump from Miami, the Caribbean island nation is a prime tourist destination. It’s got gorgeous beaches, breathtaking mountains, throbbing reggae beats, its own delicious […]

‘Rastaman with a bullet’ revisited

  Rolling Stone’s 1976 cultural mash-up of Bob Marley and Jamaica David Dusty Cupples 2014-03-26, Issue 671   cc UI There is a generalized Western dismissal of the Global South and its peoples, as exemplified in the racist attack on Jamaican President Manley and reggae star Bob Marley. It is quite unlikely that anyone […]