Essay: Flying The Red, The Black and The Green Flag of Liberation

    Flying The Red, The Black and The Green Flag of Liberation   In the Spring of ’69 the revolution had smashed full force into Southern University New Orleans. We had taken over the school. Literally. We ran everything. Actually continued the classes and full day-to-day operations. But the nominal administration had no say […]

RBG is the Set to Rep Pump Ya Fist Black (Poetry)

  In case you didn’t get the memo, Black people are the only ones that fell for the trick that we are all individuals competing to see who can floss more. All other ethnicities take care of nearly 100% of their people. Spoken Word performance poet drops hot conscious lyrics to help awaken the masses […]

“Panther Town” by Ras Ceylon feat. Askari X & Sinista Z prod. by A-RusH

Ras Ceylon presents: “Panther Town” a dedication to 1 of the most revolutionary organizations of the 20th century. Joining Ras on this A-RusH production are Oakland legend ASKARI X (originator of RBG in Hiphop Culture)and founder of EBP: Sinista Z. Artwork is by “X is the Weapon” this is a free download 4 the People!

by MCE: Death To White Supremacy

The highly anticipated, energetic release from MCE…Death To White Supremacy. Edutainment at it’s finest. Blazing, knowledge of self filled lyrics with beats to keep you moving and groovin! Sol Muzik. Afrikan Liberation, music to activate your melanin! released November 27, 2015 MGP Productions, KMOSS Productions, Magnelectric Beats to buy: …

RBG| Some Truth About The Black Pantherz


RBG- Blueprint 4 Black Power, Honorable Dr. Amos N. Wilson

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THE ONEZ WHO FIGHT BLK | Web 3.0 has uploaded RBG| COMPLETION, Freedom’z Journal-FULL ALBUM

RBG| COMPLETION, Freedom’s Journal-FULL ALBUM THE ONEZ WHO FIGHT BLK | Web 3.0 About FREEDOM’S JOURNAL: “Freedom’s Journal” which was established in NY by Samuel E. Cornish & John B. Russwurm in 1827-1829. The name of this collective is “COMPLETION” which is a Hip-Hop group that consist of two members, Trance The MC & Mr. […]