Mumia Abu Jamal: Prison Officials Encourage Recidivism

  The nation’s best known political prisoner says prison officials don’t want to break the cycle of recidivism that sends former inmates back to confinement. As an example, Mumia Abu Jamalcites the plight of “Mike,” a young inmate at Pennsylvania’s Mahanoy prison who was denied a Pell grant because he already “knew too much.” source: Mumia […]

Why Do So Many Ex-Conz End Up Back in Prison?

Maybe they don’t—a provocative new study says recidivism rates are drastically lower than we think. By Leon Neyfakh A California State Prison, Solano, inmate installs a drought-tolerant garden in the prison yard, Oct. 19, 2015, Vacaville, California.Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty   One of the most frequently cited and dispiriting statistics about the American criminal justice […]

Popular New Snack Born Behind Barz

In 2009, Seth Sundberg was sentenced to five years for a fraudulent $5 million tax refund. The former pro basketball player had managed a California mortgage office and went from a comfortable living in the real estate industry to earning $5.25 a month in the prison kitchen. While working in that position, Sundberg noticed a […]


Wtf !!! Design and then construct an Amerikan prison. What a sick fucken world we live in.. by WILL PARTIN Title: Prison Architect Developer: Introversion Software Platform: Android, iOS, Mac, PC Publisher: Introversion Software Reviewed on: PC The first person to die in an electric chair was William Kellmer, a peddler from Philadelphia who murdered his […]

How crowded are private prisonz in the West?

A riot in Arizona puts the spotlight on for-profit incarceration by Sarah Tory Between July 1 and July 4, a series of disturbances erupted between inmates at a private prison near Kingman, Arizona, which holds about 3,600 inmates. Guards intervened, but a full-scale riot ensued. Inmates trashed housing units and 96 members of the Arizona […]

15 and Tackling Mass Incarceration

 photo: Claudia Gonzalez as told to Claudia Gonzalez Editor’s Note: Jaylin White, 15, served as co-chair at a March 26th town hall event in Fresno around mass incarceration. The event, organized by Faith in Community (FIC) and People Improving Communities through Organizing (PICO),  brought organizers, youth, and community members together with the Board of State […]

Free Speech Society: Forum for prison activistz inside and out

by J. Heshima Denham The Free Speech Society (FSS) is primarily a movement to defend and preserve the rights of imprisoned activists to inform society of the social contradictions of the prison industrial slave complex in hopes of educating the people not only to the existence of these social ills but their impact on their […]

The criminality of solitary confinement

by Steve Martinot Introduction In this series of articles, we have traced the various mechanisms whereby the prison procedures of “gang validation” are used to deny the civil rights, the human rights and even the humanity of the prisoners. These procedures mark the criminality of the prison administration. We have been considering the case of […]

Twilight in the Box

The suicide statistics, the squalor and the recidivism haven’t ended solitary confinement. Maybe the brain studies will by   Shruti Ravindran Administrative segregation prisoners take part in a group therapy session at San Quentin state prison, California, June 8, 2012. Photo by Lucy Nicholson/Reuters Shruti Ravindran is a freelance journalist, writing about science, health and the […]

George Jackson University

by Abdul Olugbala Shakur Board members: Abdul Olugbala Shakur: Chancellor ( Dr. Donald R. Evans: 2nd Chancellor ( Akili Mwalimu Shakur: Vice Chancellor ( Adbul Jabbar Caliph: Vice Chancellor (443) 826-9654 Kilaika Baruit: Executive Director, Financial Administrative Department ( Jamaa Malik Shakur: Public Affairs Director Mabu Joka Shakur: Director of Personnel M. Ajanaku: Chief Facilitator […]