Digital Rhythm: The loopy originz of dembow and the knotty dancehall rootz of reggaeton

How one song created a genre by Wayne Marshall  Ever wonder why Bobby Digital hasn’t sued the pants off Puerto Rico? If, as the story goes, the dembow rhythm that underpins the lion’s share of reggaeton tracks directly derives from Shabba Ranks’s “Dem Bow,” an early 1990s song produced by Digital using a riddim built by […]


by KILLAKAM  It’s from that Central American country that cousins Raka Rich and Raka Dun, better known together as Los Rakas, hail from. Growing up in Panama, the two eventually reconnected in Oakland, California where they formed their musical project in the mid-2000s, taking the Los Rakas moniker as a way to uplift the overlooked communities back home. Los […]