Alarming New Study Shows Flint Water Affects Baby Weight

by Auditi Guha New Study Shows Flint Water Affects Baby Weight “It was a very sharp reduction in birth weight.” Babies born in Flint, Michigan, following the water crisis that started three years ago weighed less than they likely would have if the crisis had never happened, a new study has found. Authors Rahi Abouk […]

The Rise of Incarceration in Los Angeles: An Interview with Kelly Lytle Hernandez

By Erica Sterling In today’s post, Erica Sterling, a PhD student in the Department of History at Harvard University, interviews Kelly Lytle Hernandez about her new book City of Inmates: Conquest, Rebellion, and the Rise of Human Caging in Los Angeles (University of North Carolina Press, 2017). Hernandez is Associate Professor of History and the Director of the Ralph J. Bunche […]

Homicide Justified: The Legality of Killing Slaves in the Atlantic World

By Andrew T. Fede “Flogging a slave fastened to the ground.” 1853. Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, Manuscripts, Archives and Rare Books Division, The New York Public Library Digital Collections. This is an excerpt from the preface of Andrew T. Fede’s Homicide Justified: The Legality of Killing Slaves in the United States and the […]

Beyond the Pale

  “Miss America” (1987-88). Photograph by Lyle Ashton Harris / Crg Gallery by Kelefa Sanneh  Genn Beck excels at expressing adventurous thoughts in memorable language, but he outdid himself when, one morning last summer, he offered a diagnosis of President Obama. He said, “This President, I think, has exposed himself as a guy, over and over […]

Fugitive Science: A New Book on Scientific Racism in Amerika

by  Ibram X. Kendi The author of Fugitive Science is Britt Rusert. An interdisciplinary scholar who works at the intersections of race, science, and culture, Rusert is Assistant Professor in the W. E. B. Du Bois Department of Afro-American Studies at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Her research and teaching interests include black speculative and science […]

Look at Two Fractalz and Call Me in the Morning

Aesthetic images can induce staggering changes to the body, including radical reductions in the observer’s stress levels. Richard Taylor The Conversation Are fractals the key to why Pollock’s work captivates? AP Photo/LM Otero Humans are visual creatures. Objects we call “beautiful” or “aesthetic” are a crucial part of our humanity. Even the oldest known examples […]

10 Worst Amerikan Human Experimentz

The top 10 cases of American Human Experimentation. We look at terrible cases of human experiments; from the tuskegee to the cancer experiments in puerto rico and more… there have been Nazi human experiments, Soviet human experiments, Japanese human experiments and British human experiments. But in this video we focus on American abuses of power. […]

Louisiana: Killing a White Woman Getz You Executed; Killing a Black Man Doesn’t

  By Robert Stitt Capital punishment is one of those issues that divides Americans. It was one of the topics that the Pope spoke on during his recent trip to the United States. We know his take: stop it. Regardless of the side of the debate you fall on, most people would agree that if […]