Philly, Fri. 3/24: Tribute to Warrior Sisterz of the Revolution

FROM: Philly Activists With just 6 days week to go before the Tribute to Warrior Sisters of the Revolution on March 24, we want to remind everyone that this is a ticketed event.  We need to have an idea of numbers planning to attend prior to the event.   If you have not purchased your ticket or […]

The Revolutionary Response To Racism: Reply To A Kommunique By Azzurra Crispino (2017)

The Dispatch Recently, I received a copy of a communique issued by Azzurra Crispino, an ethics professor, who is also an anarchist, a Gandhian pacifist, a founder of Prison Abolition Prisoner Support (PAPS), and the elected media co-chair of the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWOC/IWW). Azzurra’s statement defended […]

Yogi schooled me and gave me hope

by William Upchurch I hope all will know and embrace the true reality that I among millions stand strong and firm with the true and raw teachings of a real dedicated man, Yogi – yeah, Hugo Pinell. Yogi, the many moments and years I personally shared with you will never ever fade or be forgotten […]

A Black Nation

“What do we mean when we speak of a Black Revolution? I can remember an incident at the beginning of the Harlem Rebellion only a few short years ago when a news reporter snapped an unforgettable picture of a black girl who was present when a black boy was brutally killed by a white apartment […]

Turn the Gunsz Around: Mutiniez, Soldier Revoltz and Revolution

Veterans for Peace Courage To Resist Iraq Veterans Against the War Veterans for Standing Rock are all mentioned in this book. $19.95 New York: World View Forum 2017 324 pages. 29 photos, 4 maps. Draftees and enlistees — eighteen-year-olds from the South Bronx, factory workers from Buffalo, miners’ sons from Kentucky, unemployed youth from Watts […]

The Sacrificez Of Slain Black Panther Party Leader Fred Hampton And Hiz Family Are A Lesson In Black Love

“In the wake of the Black Panther Party’s 50th anniversary, and the anniversary of the state sponsored assassination of one of its rising stars, Fred Hampton, we spoke with his only child, Fred Hampton Jr. about how he and his parents sacrificed their own well being for the love of Black people and their liberation.” […]

How to Hustle and Win (How to Hustle and Win #1)

by Supreme Understanding, Sujan Dass   This is the book everyone’s’s been talking about. No other book has explained the game – every part of it quite like this. If you’re looking for the keys you need to succeed in this dirty game, they’re all here. Nine principles – covering over 120 lessons – emerge from […]

‘The rebellion came’: Wattz Prophet Otiz O’Solomon on race, revolution and rap

Fifty years since the Watts riots kickstarted his experimental spoken word group, poet and proto-rapper Otis O’Solomon reflects on the anger that drove thousands to the streets – and whether anything has changed Forged from fire … Otis O’Solomon in the Watts Coffee House, Watts, Los Angeles, 29 November 2015. Photograph: Dan Tuffs for the […]

Mumia Abu-Jamal Speakz on Fidel

Para Fidel: FIDEL CASTRO-RUZ (1926-2016): VIVA FIDEL! [col. writ. 11/27/16] ©’16 Mumia Abu-Jamal Fidel Castro, father of the 1959 Cuban Revolution, has died, after 90 years of a life of rebellion and resistance. That this bold revolutionary figure lived as long as he did is itself a victory, for he outlived at least 11 assassination […]